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Locals doing some Fishing

Morro de Sau Paulo, a hop, skip and a jump form Salvador Bahia.  Having been in Salvador for nearly three weeks a place that was ringing of many locals tongues was that of Morro de Sau Paulo.  I decided after been advised by the second local, who talked about the island with so much passion and flamboyance that it was a must on my time in Brazil.  The day set of with a high level of anticipation as we travel down to the port in Salvador to book a boat, which takes 2 hours to get to Morro.  The boat itself was reasonable priced at about $65 return, the only down side was that the boat itself was a little cramped as it was a 15 seated speedboat with about 30 people on board.  As we grew closer to Morro I was beginning to realise why this Island had been described in such high regard by so many.

A view form the 4th Beach!!
  The water had changed to a glowing light blue glittering colour with a shaded beach, palm tress gently gliding and small marina with multi coloured boats.  Getting off the boat for a moment, I felt my eyes were deceiving me.  For once, I think I was speechless at the main from of transport that they had on Morro. A wheelbarrow with taxi wrote on the side was how they transported everything form peoples luggage to build blocks.  So simple but shocking at the same time when you have becoming so used to the methods of the western world. 

Walking down the sandy pathways everything seemed so simple, distant and salubrious.  Having spent the majority of the time on our trip in basic accommodation or aim was to find a tranquil retreat, and that is exactly what we found.  We decided that as at night the beaches turned into a party carnival atmosphere that we would distance ourselves.

  Our accommodation was a Villa set on the side of a hill with trees emerged all around which just happened to complement the hammock on our balcony perfectly.  It was $20 a night for our Villa, which was mid range for the Island. 

In the main square the town cam alive with market stall filled with voluminous fruit and an array of alcoholic drink to delight your taste buds.  These cocktails were affectionately mixed to ensure a pleasurable and dramatic taste.   Later in the night the momentum of people were flocking to the first and second beach to the many bars, which lined around and vibrant music from each.  In the small hours of the morning, the beach was still a mob of people socialising, dancing and signing to the sound of the percussion beats.  I must say during my travels in Brazil this had to be the most welcoming and relaxing party atmosphere where you felt right at home.

The Island its self-offers a fantastic days Scuba Diving for both beginners and Intermediates were many tropical fish and aquatic plants.  The joy of experiencing diving here is that there are normally no more than 20 people out in one day so you get to have space to experience it all in you own time and pace. 

A walk of the Morro is well worth the expatiation as there are five beaches to explore after you make your way around to the fourth beach you experience blissful peace and serenity.  Even at peak time during the year there is no more than a handful of people on this side of the Island at one time.  Lying under the palms surrounded by the shadowing trees looking out to the salubrious water and seeing nothing for miles only deepens your respect for the simple beauty in life. 

Walking off the into the true roots of Morro were the locals live you can see a different side to the place for that of the charming rustic frontier.  Although rustic but in a more destitute manner which seems to reflect the lifestyle of the greater majority of the inhabitants even hence the growing tourism on the Island.  It is visible that tourism has helped the locals and it has not just been an outside production of people coming into to take advantage.  The Schools on Morro are now teaching English to all students to ensure that they are able to get jobs within the Service Industry later in life.  Having walked around this seems the future for the Island as location does make it liable for many other industries to succeed.  My only hope on the tourism front that it does not lose its charm to the western tourist demands like it has done too many other exotic Islands. 

Having spent five days on Morro de Sau Paulo I was saddened to leave the simplicity that had brought me so much joy during my time on the Island. Setting off again on the boat I captured a picture, which to this day I still have in my mind that this is one place I shall return to in years to come.  There is a water plane available to fly to the Island from Salvador which costs about $300 each way but believe me if the return boat is anything to go by it is well worth the extra cash to fly with ease. 




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Locals doing some Fishing
Locals doing some Fishing
A view form the 4th Beach!!
A view form the 4th Beach!!
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Morro de Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu