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Madres de los desparecidos en Plaza de Mayo
I finally arrived in Buenos Aires Wednesday night around 11, and was almost certain they'd lost my luggage...but they didn't! I really am not a fan of American Airlines, fyi. Anyhow, I reached my hostel around 1am with my luggage in hand! And let me tell you, I was so excited for a shower with my own shampoo and conditioner, and soap and face that don't dry my skin out, AND deodorant! That was sorely missed because it was packed away in my checked bags. It was incredibly humid here last night, similar to Hawai'i I'd say but without the breeze, but hey that's life!

Thursday it rained and we had thunder showers all day, but that was okay because it was warm out, hence I was not trapped indoors all day...which I'm thankful for! I strolled around on down to Plaza de Mayo, then over to Galería Pacífico to escape from the pouring rain.
Street performers at the San Telmo Fair
It has some marvelous architecutre, and even more fantasticly out there prices (aka, expensive). I walked around one of the art galleries they had there for a little bit and then found something comperable to our Sephora, though I´m convinced that they have to have a Sephora somewhere! Anyhow, after that I stopped at a little coffee shop connected to the mall and had my first real chance to talk with someone in Spanish. I did fairly well, but ti was still a little bit difficult because they speak so fast! I need to remember to ask people to slow down when they speak because I´m trying to learn. Then I went over to Plaza de San Martín and spun around there, literally I was doing jazz turns! (The plaza was empty, I couldn´t help it!) Then went along walking some more, just trying to get a feel for the city. I went about to the hostel around one to charge my computer, which had died on the flight, and just to rest my legs a bit from all that walking. While I was back I got to talking with some of the people from my hostel about what they were doing that night and just where they had been in general it was very nice. After that little rest, the sun had finally come out and I decided to walk down to the dorms are that my school has set up for me, it was at least 20 blocks away from where I am now but it was a nice walk none the less on the way there I saw a few museums that I will probably check out this weekend. On top of that, I found a super market and a few other food food shops along the way, I was so excited. I´m not a big fan of eating out all the time, so that was a relief for me and I stopped at the market on the way back to buy myself some food for dinner. When I got back to my hostel I talked with a few more people on the couches and then took a nap, because apparently going out very late is the thing to do here, and I´m really into it. Anyhow! I took an hour long nap and at around 8pm I made myself some of my ravioli´s I´d bought earlier for dinner and I accompanied it with some wine I´d bought. From there I just sat around talking to my roommate and a few other people who´d congrugated at our table about random stuff and we played a few card games around 10pm a few of them went out to dinner and said they´d be back so we could go out later that night. So when they left my roommate, myself, and Kelan (another girl from our hostel) sat around playing card games and had two drinks just talking about our homes and travels until around 12, which was when we went to get ready to go out. Can you believe that?! Waiting until 12AM to get ready to go out, that seems absolutely absurd to me, but it wasnt because there is no real sense of time here, I swear. Anyhow, they got back around 12 and we went just to a bar to kill about two hours before we went to the club, there were 6 of us Kelan, my roommate Hannah, Simon a guy from Australia, Leah a girl from Vancouver, and Lucas a guy from Utah. We all went to this pub near us and ended up staying there the whole night. I got to talk with some locals at the bar and practice my spanish skills, and p.s. Long Island Iced Teas in gerenal are lethal, the ones here are lethal and then some. On the way back, we all sort of lost track of each other. Leah & Lucas left earlier than all of us, then Simon, Hannah, and myself were all going to leave when we realized we couldn't find Kelan anywhere but Hannah had her keys, which she then gave to me, then she wander back to the hostel. Since we couldn't find Kelan Simon and I walked back and I have no idea how I knew where we were but, I did and then when we got back I had to wait at the door for Kelan because she couldn't get in without the keys. BUT! At least she came like 10 minutes after I got in and then I went to sleeep!

Friday I was woken up by someone knocking at my door...that was at 12pm, right I did not mean to sleep that long...and then I swore off drinking ever again, ha story of my life! Then I just walked around town again kinda doing nothing and met up with Lalo around 9pm. We then went out to coffee and around 1030 went to dinner at a very nice steak house, however since I didn't know what anything was on the menu I accidently ordered liver, aka I did not eat what I ordered. It was nice though to see a familiar face and just sit around drinking wine and swapping stories and the such. By the time I'd gotten back from dinner people from the hostel had already gone out so I just went to sleep.

And for now, that is about it. Today I'll be going to el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and possibly to Recoleta. But, because of the rains, Recoleta flooded and so I may wait to go there until it's a little drier out.
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Street performers at the San Telmo…
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