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Tazz with the international students
Let's see, I moved in to the residence on the 4th, and it is now the what 19th. Well I have done alot in that time, mainly a lot of drinking...but it was all necessary to do. I have a wonderful roommate, her name is Elise and she's from Tennessee...actually there are quite a few people from my program from the South, it's very interesting. But sometimes I get confused as to the things they talk about because we don't have that over in San Diego. Oh well though!

Okay then, the 4th I moved in then Lalo and I hung out for a little bit and decided to go to dinner with his new roommate, Matt R (or Frat Matt) from N. Carolina (I believe) and after that we went out for some drinks and just talked. Then there was orientation on the 5th and 6th. I hate orientations in general, but I mean orientations in Castillano are so much more difficult! Oh well, I got through it and now have to crash a million classes when school starts, legit right? But oh well! It was pointed out to me that whenever anyone from California introduced themselves in the Orientation we all said something along the lines of "Hola, me llamo Kendal, y yo soy de California" never did a Californian say "soy de Los Estados Unidos.
Street Tango in Boca
" Apparently, we are our own country...which is kinda true, if you think about it! The night of the 5th Lalo, Matt W., and I went out to a bar, then to a club. But I got tired around 330AM and decided it would be a good idea to walk home from was not a good idea. And I will never do that again! But, I will say I am officially the owner of a cell phone here in Argentina with a ridiculously long phone number! Ha! On the 6th we had small group orientations and that was kinda cool, except for the part where I was exhausted. But, it was chill because we met with more international students and then like a ridiculous amount of us all went out from our program it was myself, Erica, Sarah, Alyssa, Elise, Craig, Matt W., Matt R., and Chris. However, we ended up taking the wrong bus and had to catch a cab, so what should have taken us no more that 30 minutes took like an hour and then some.
Alyssa and I with I believe a Maradonna representation in Boca
But when we got there, it was so much fun! We walked from Plaza Italia to Plaza Serrano and ended up at a bar called Tazz, where I swear it was like the UN we were sitting around a triangle type table...and there were people from all around Europe, the States, Latin America and the such! It was so wonderful! And the only language we all really had in common was Spanish, so that is what we decided to speak in...and let me tell you it was an amazing night. After awhile the group headed over to a night club but Sarah and I grabbed a cab back to the residence because I had my interview in the morning and she was just tired. Her and I talked about being in BsAs before everyone else and what we did and our random adventures!

The next day was not terribly exciting, I actually did nothing. But, around 8pm Lalo and I rolled over to a sweet Korean restaurant which was legit. FINALLY something spicy! It was so delicious and completely hit the spot. Then it was over to Erica and Alyssa's room for some more pre-gaming and after that we headed out to a roof party in San took us awhile to get there and then even more time to get some beer, but let me tell you it was completely worth it. I wish I could go to roof parties ALL THE TIME! Like seriously, it was amazing! I met such interesting people even two people from San Diego who know and are in Sam and Matt's frat! RIDICULOUS, right?! I also met a pretty chill Argentine named Pablo who speaks amazing english, and is also a french tutor...WHAT?! But, so yes he was cool, and got my number and invites me to parties every now and then...but, I seem to always not be able to do it because I'm not in the city! The other Argentine I met was...well, a little far off from what I wanted. He ended up hitting on me and getting my phone number, now he just sends me weird creepy text messages, which I proceed to ignore...healthy, right? I hope he gets the message soon!

On the 8th Alyssa and I decided to go over to La Boca. OH MY GOSH! I loved it! So colorful with tango music in the air constantly! We walked around took some pictures then split a Quilmes while watching a tango show. And after the dancers went off the musician and singer kept playing and so a man who must have been in his 70's asked if one of us wanted to dance...and of course me, being me, said yes! So i got to do the waltz in La Boca with the most wonderful old man, I absolutely loved, loved, loved, LOVED it! After that we went to Bellas Artes de La Boca and the best part of it was definitely the roof top that over looked all of La Boca, and had some pretty chill statues. Then Alyssa and I headed back to the ressy, or at least that's what we thought we were doing. That actually did not happen. We sat on a bus for 2 hours and rode it all the way to the end of the line because our stop wasn't on the buses route...but only going one way. It was confusing and the bus drivers took pity on our lack of knowledge and didn't make us pay for the fare on the return trip. But, at least I found China town on that bus ride. P.s. I really hate city buses. Anyhow! We finally got back and I tried to nap, nope did not happen. But, that's okay because that's how I found out we were going to pasta dinner that night. A group of 11 of us went, myself, Lalo, Matt R., Matt W., Sarah, Craig, Erica, Alyssa, Elise, Jessi, and Chris. the food was AMAZING and after about 7 or 8 bottles of house wine between the all of us we decided we wanted to keep the night rolling, so we found a bar near the Abasto and just kept going, ordering lots and lots of beer and listening to some really awesome live music. OH! And I played soccer with some little kids on the street! Then around 2AM we left from there and still didn't want to go back to the ressy so we walked down to Puyerredon thinking we'd find a bar. Well, Matt W. walked into a place that was blasting music and really loud thinking it was a bar and so we all followed him. Only to have stumbled upon a Peruvian birthday party! And they invited us to say so we did and drank along with all of them and dance and it was just so ridiculous! They were so inviting and I need to email one of them back because I have to send them pictures! Anyhow, then around 4AM we headed back, but not before discovering a 24 hour eatery on our way back! so we stopped and had some delicious food, well it probably wasn't that good...but we couldn't tell the difference.

on the 9th, I didn't do much. I tried to call my dad, but he did not answer so I took a nap and then headed over to Palermo around 5 to meet Sarah, Carly's friend. She was super sweet and we just had a wonderful lazy day of mulling through shops and street fair stands to buy stuff! By the time I got back to the ressy I was so exhausted that I just wanted to go to sleep, and I 10pm. I'm cool, okay?!

Then came the 10th! I had my Oral exam at OPII and then tried to get immigration stuff done. Stuff like that gives me a headache and sucks in, imagine it in Spanish for like 2.5. yeah. No fun. It did not actually end up getting done that day, but oh well. I met up with Alyssa and Erica and we attempted to plan a trip to El Calafate, but there were no buses or flights down so we had to make a really quick change in plans. We found bus tickets to Bariloche and since we didn't have a printer at the ressy made plans to meet up the following day at 9AM to go buy and print out our tickets and to get immigration stuff done and to turn in forms for traveling to OPII. Well the 11th every thing went down smoothly! We got our immigration stuff in, and then turned in our papers to OPII, got our tickets, booked a hostel. And headed over to the bus station at 5 to pick up our tickets and we were on our bus by 7pm! It was absurdly last minute, but it went off without a hitch! However, you'll have to wait for an update about Bariloche because there is just too much to say about it!
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Tazz with the international studen…
Tazz with the international stude…
Street Tango in Boca
Street Tango in Boca
Alyssa and I with I believe a Mara…
Alyssa and I with I believe a Mar…