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Before Salsa dancing on Mardi Gras!
Well before I left San Diego to come home I did some pretty awesome things! I obviously hung out with my friends as much as I could, which meant hiking, hanging out, brithdays, mardi gras, and salsa dancing! Katy and Alyssa had their 21st birthdays within the two weeks that I had left in SD, it was so much fun! At Katy's we went to this place called The Fleetwood for dinner, god the waitress was such a bitch and she had absolutely no reason to be! It was absurd, but really fun to make fun of her collectively...I mean seriously, they charged us for bread. Wtf, who charges for bread?! Alyssa's was at BJ's and was much more laid back, and just good times all around! I got to see some people I hadn't in a while, and sit around drinking and laughing...not to mention getting a pizookie.
Wandering around Balboa Park this summer!
You can't go wrong with a Pizookie, that's all I'm saying.

Another night Maggie and I got tea at The Living Room and she gave me my late birthday present. After that we went to the movie store for like an hour trying to decide which film we wanted to watch, finally we decided upon Water, which is based on the true stories of 1000's of widows in India. And how some families just ship these women off after their husbands die. It's eye opening. Oh, and we had some sweet Scooby-Do Mac-n-Cheese! That weekend Stefie and I went on an amazing hike with one of her high school friends.

For the hike we started at the VC of Mission Trails, and after that went up to Old Mission Dam, then then up the back of Mt. Fortuna.
Speed Quarters this summer!
It was a perfect day for hiking, with clear skies and temperatures in the 70's. We stumbled upon a small waterfall, which was pretty much amazing, seeing as how I really enjoy water falls. After that we went to 4.0 deli for some sweet sandwiches and I pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day...i was exhausted from our 3 hour hike! But it was such a good hike.

On the 5th I voted in the primaries, I believe if you don't vote, you can't complain. So I woke my butt up early so I could get the gym and voting in before work. After work I headed over to Carly's where we got ready to go Salsa dancing at Cafe Sevilla. It was SO much fun! We got there at 830 and didn't set off the floor for more than 2 minutes until 1230! On our way walking to the clubs the floats were throwing beads because of Mardi Gras, and we actually got offered to get on the float.
Highlighter party at the beginning of Fall 07
..that was hard to turn down. Oh well, the dancing was well worth it, because it wasn't like normal club dancing where you're literally just trying to dance and then some stranger comes up behind you and starts grinding. Since you kinda had to know the steps here, people asked you if you wanted to dance. And of COURSE it's just so addicting, and you have to say yes. And hence, I had an amazing working, while being out! We only had time to order two drinks during the whole night, but that was totally fine by me. I'd rather be dancing, twirled, and dipped than's more intoxicating, and you don't feel bad the next morning!

The next night I went ice blocking, which is kind of Southern California's version of sledding. You get a block of ice, find a steep hill, and have someone push you down a little and ride the block down the hilL! It was glorious, I made my roommate come with us.
Thread Fashion Show w/ Katy. Summer 07
Sonja, my roommate, is an exchange student from Norway and had never done anything like that before, but thought it was so much fun! I'm glad she enjoyed herself. As for my last night there, my roommates and I had a potluck with my friends. I made potstickers and fried rice, other brought chips and dip, pita chips and hummus, mixers, cake and tiramisu! We then proceeded to play a very long game of speed quarters and drink! it was a wonderful evening and I'm sad I wont be seeing them for awhile, but at least I know...for the most part...they'll be there when I get back. Except for Stefie and Jen, because they are beezies and are graduating and moving away! Boo on them!
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Before Salsa dancing on Mardi Gras!
Before Salsa dancing on Mardi Gras!
Wandering around Balboa Park this …
Wandering around Balboa Park this…
Speed Quarters this summer!
Speed Quarters this summer!
Highlighter party at the beginning…
Highlighter party at the beginnin…
Thread Fashion Show w/ Katy. Summe…
Thread Fashion Show w/ Katy. Summ…
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