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Day 1 (Jan 13 2008) BAGUIO

My friends and I  reached Clark Airport at 1115H. It took us bout 4 hours to reach Clark from Kuala Lumpur. Then we took a  bus to Baguio ( North of Manila).Paid P350 for that. Took bout 6 hours to reach there via the zig zag road . Luckily I took stemetil before the ride. Nice view along the way. We were stuck in the bus for almost an hour because of a road accident. It was raining and we decided to walk to the bus station. We were about to leave, when a guy from Supreme Hotel came and showed us the hotel tariff. P2339 for a room for 3.

He said he can send us to the hotel. It was getting dark and we didn’t wanna waste our time, so we decided to stay in that hotel. It was a nice and cozy hotel. No fan or a/cond but we felt cool because Baguio is located in the Cordillera Mountains.Then we went to KFC for dinner. They had different menus like spaghetti which is not available in Malaysia KFC.. Then we took a taxi and went back to our hotel. We were too exhausted . Slept at 2200H


Day 2 (Jan 14 2008) PASAY

Still in Baguio. What a cold morning even without a/cond. Checked out at about 10ish. Took a taxi to Mines View Park.

The scenery was nice. Did modeling up there with several weird poses. Had my photos shot by unprofessional photographers which are my friends. Then we headed to Baguio  bus station and bought a ticket to Pasay. We paid P390. It took us bout 6 hours to reach Pasay. While we were on our way to Pasay, the bus stopped at one station. I went to the comfort room. What a weird place it was. People can see your head and legs while you are in the cubicle. Even the people next door can c u if they want to.( c as in the whole thing), because the height of the cubicle wall is about from my shins to my shoulders, and I’m err cant really say short, just not tall enough J. So, can u imagine that?.

We reached Pasay at around 1800H.

Found a hotel called Sogo Hotel. Paid P1350 per night. Nice room but we couldn’t sleep cuz the a/cond sounded like F1 engine. We turned it off and got distracted by the sound of vehicles honks. We got so many wake up calls and we didn’t ask for it. They even knocked at our door several times


Day 3 (Jan 15 2008) Tagaytay

We checked out at about 1200H after having our brunch at McDonalds and took a bus to Tagaytay. It took us bout 2 hours to reach there. I could see Taal Volcano from the main road. Its so beautiful. We took 2 tricycles to a motel near Taal Lake and they charged us P400 for 2 tricycles.We paid P3000 for a very simple room. It’s nothing compared to the Supreme Hotel. And yeah there’s a tv in the motel. I don’t know if they keep it as an archive cuz its not functioning at all. Paid another P50 for a boat ride to the volcano. The lake is black. Amazing!. We have to ride horses to get to the crater.

A horse per person. They charged us P1500 per horse. So we bargained and finally we paid P3000 for 3 horses. Mine was Palama and he is 9 yrs old. He’s cute J and has lotsa lice L. So we went to the crater.  Nice view up there. Then we got down and the guy (Chris) asked me for tips. Tips for the horse he said. It’s a must. I gave him P20 and he said we wants P100. I said no, I’ve paid P1000 for the horse. Finally I gave him P80. Then we went back to our motel. I’ve never ridden a horse before. I had a bad time on the horse. (couldn’t really walk properly after that).lol




Day 4( Jan 16 2008) Cubao

Checked out at 0800H and took a jeepney to Tanauan.

We paid P25 for it. Obviously we’ve been cheated yesterday. Such a big difference P200 and P25. %$#*!!

From Tanauan we waited for a bus to Cubao. There, I met Cora, she’s a nice lady. She gave me so many infos bout Cubao. I asked the driver to drop us at a station somewhere near intramuros and he dropped us somewhere near Makro. I couldn’t remember telling him that I wanted to go shopping. May be I banged my head somewhere. Makro… can buy so many things there. But we got no time for all that. Got a taxi, asked the taxi driver to send us to a hotel somewhere near intramuros. So he sent us to Manila Hotel. He drove so fast as if  he was in “fast and furious” .But we managed to reach the hotel. Gosh!. He stopped at the back door of the hotel. Have you ever gotten in a hotel through the back door?. Pass through the kitchen, etc?. We decided not to have that kinda experience, so we walked  about 300-400m to the hotel main entrance. We had to put our belongings on the conveyer belt before we enter the hotel. Luckily they didn’t ask us to sit on it J but they did scan us.

We paid P10, 000 for a room. Luxurious room. Lotsa Prime Minister and President stayed in this hotel. Its a superb hotel.

We went out to see the Intramuros , Fort Santiago, and other places(we haven’t decided anything yet). We walked there. While we were on our way, we were approached by a guy and he asked us to take a spin with his horse cart. He said we only have to pay 50 for a spin. 50 for 3 persons. Cool. So he took us for a spin, he waited for us while we were visiting Fort Santiago. He even showed us buildings and gave us some infos bout the buildings. When we were about to reach his place, He then informed us that no Filipino has gone for his horse cart ride before. So he charged everything in USD. Wot!. USD50 for a spin!. We said no. he didn’t say USD50. We assumed everything is in Peso. We asked him to stop us wherever we were cuz we didn’t want him to stop at his friends carts. So he asked us to pay USD50. We refused to pay him that amount.

Then he said P2000. We said NO!. He was so mad and he started acting like a psycho. He kicked his horse, Whacked it. Awwww poor horse. He even threw things. There were no Tourist Police around. Finally we gave him P1000 (scared he will whack us). He went away. He’s a real jerk. So you guys out there. DON’T GET CHEATED BY THIS GUY. (and his friends too). I think they are all the same. They did that deliberately. We were soooooo mad, disappointed, sad. All kinda feelings Cant wait to go back to Malaysia. Ive never experienced all this. We didn’t have mood to go anywhere else but we were too hungry, so we went to McDonalds. Then we went to Rosario Gallery. It’s a big and nice shopping mall. Lotsa shop.

Bought some souvenirs and headed back to Manila Hotel.


Day 5(Jan 17 2008) Disaster

We had nice breakfast in Manila Hotel.

Then we checked out at about 0900H and took a taxi to airport. Another bad day. We’ve been told that it takes us bout half an hour to reach the airport. So the taxi driver sent us to Ninoy Akino Airport. Im not absent minded and I remember how the airport look like. It was not the airport that we had to go to. I admit that it was our fault. My flight was at 1115H. We were still at Ninoy Akino at 1000H. Asked the girl at the information counter and she said our airport is in Pampanga, Clark (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) and it takes bout 3 hours to reach there. WHAT!!!! 3HOURS?.Ill surely miss my flight. It was fortunate for my friends cuz  their flight was at 1600H as they were heading to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Mine headed to Kuala Lumpur. So we hurriedly took a taxi .
The taxi driver charged us bout P2500 for it plus P400 for the toll gates. All for the round trip. We reached the airport at 1200H. (The taxi driver asked us for tips eventhough he knew that we were in trouble, especially me. So, go to hell. But I didn’t say that to him
J. I looked at his meter, its only P857. Its ok, we were too desperate. Asked the counter. My flight’s gone and that’s the only flight to Kuala Lumpur that day. So I bought a flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu. Lucky me. There were 6 seats left.

Reached Kota Kinabalu at 7ish. I wanted to buy a 8 o’clock ticket to Kuala Lumpur but cancelled my plan. I paid such a big amount for a ticket to KK and im not gonna stay there only for several minutes. Went to the taxi counter and paid RM20 for a cab to Gaya Street.

So I followed my friends to Gaya Street. We stayed in Stay In Lodge. Paid RM18 per person for a room. Better room then the one we stayed in Tagaytay. We put our stuffs in our room and went out to buy foods and other stuffs. Headed back to Stay In Lodge and slept like we’ve taken valium.


Sue_Malaysia says:
Haha. Thx.
Posted on: Jul 07, 2013
Skylier says:
such Amazing Journey..cian sampai kena tipu lagi tu..huhuhu..biasa la klu dah jadi pelancong dinegeri org..pelancong luar yg dtg ke malaysia ni pun selalu jugak kena tipu terutama sekali pemandu teksi di kl ni..anyway..pengajaran dan pengalaman yg menarik...semoga lebih berhati hati dimasa akan dtg..
Posted on: Jul 03, 2013
andiboi says:
man that horse of a man was really something...
question is, like what others have posted; would you ever go back? a TB next time; we'll go out of our way to show you the sites next time, minus the tourist traps of course.
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
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