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Even - prawns, squids, chicken wings, ribs they are queuing as well!

This weekend is a beach weekend, we were trying to enjoy the last times we're able to go to the beach before summer comes.  So last weekend, me, 2 friends and 3 more of their friends, gathered for a BBQ session. The place was in Lulu island, they have prepared a picnic sets. We arrived in the jetty to Lulu at 16:30, the sun still shone brightly and the queue to get the boat was very long. We queued for 1.5 hours till finally we hopped in the boat to Lulu. The annoying thing here with the queuing stuff is that some people just don't understand the concept of queuing. They just rushed in and try to get themselves in first, ignoring all other people who has been there much before them.

We arrived in the island and directly hop in the first bus after paying the entrance fee.

People queuing to go back to the town - 2.5 hours! we did it!
Then look for a nice spot and stop there. We decided to start the BBQ under one of the empty tent. There were 4 guys with us, myself and one girl. So it was the guys responsibility to set up the grill and the fire. Doesn't took that long, after a couple of trying, finally the fire was set up. We started to grilled the marinated pork belly and ribs, chicken wings, prawns and squids. Because they have prepared too much, even we didn't have a chance to grill the sausage. Beside the grilled stuffs, they also prepared a salsa (mixed chopped onion, tomato and pinapple), wonton pancit (phillipines style of fried noodle), spring rolls, breads, chips and softdrinks.

It was awesome to eat and watch the bright orange sunset in front of us. The eating part was much faster than the cooking and setting the grill part:). It was quite dark, but yet we still decided to jump in the water. The water was not that cold, but after a while the wind makes it cooler. We just dipped ourselves in the water with the full moon above us. It was very nice and scarry at the same time:) since my biggest adventure with water is not more than swimming pool sessions:).

We rushed back and pack the things. Fortunatelly the fire was still on, so we can warm our buttocks on the fire:). Then catched the bus back to the boat jetty. And to our surprise that the queue for the boat was even much longer than when we went to the island! In total we have queued for 2.5 hours, means in total - to and from the island has caused us to queue 5 hours!.

We arrived back to Abu Dhabi, tired, satisfied with grilled stuffs and still wet!

ffransiska says:
oh sorry, just got your message now and also I have left Abu Dhabi in 2009 so not sure how is it now.. hope you can find it out more about it!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2012
lizan says:
hi, read ur experience at lulu island. is this of 2008? any idea about lulu island now? i heard it was closed.... planning to go this weekend
Posted on: Jul 01, 2012
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Even - prawns, squids, chicken win…
Even - prawns, squids, chicken wi…
People queuing to go back to the t…
People queuing to go back to the …
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