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SIBLINGS  I had a brother and sister. Actually a half brother and a half sister but I never thought of them like that. They were born from my mom’s first marriage prior to being married to my dad. Lana and Danny were both older than me.  My sister is only few years older than me and my brother was considerably older than me. 



Danny was a Vietnam veteran that served two tours in Vietnam and had a lot of things that affected him I guess when he was there.  And when he came back from the war, he got a job on the riverboat worked, as lot of people did in my home town. He had a wife and two wonderful children. But I guess he had problems dealing with things from the war, when I was 20 years old my brother took his own life and it’s really hard on my mom, it’s really hard on all of us but it’s especially hard on my mother. I don’t think she ever quite got over it.  And subsequently, a year later his wife died, so his son and daughter; my niece and nephew grew up without a mom or dad so they were raced by family friends that are fabulous. They took them as their own and now they’re great young adults today and really have their lives together and they are just remarkable people. 

 By: Perry Belcher

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Lana, my sister lives near me now and works with me a lot.  She is just a great sister, I couldn’t ask for better sister.  She helps with everything that I ever need or to help me with.  She helps me with my sons and she just couldn’t be a more loving sister and I love her to death and I couldn’t live without her.  Her name is Lana, I don’t know exactly how much older she is to me but she is a few years older than me.  And I think sometimes she doesn’t know what a terrific person she really is.  She is absolutely fabulous. 

By: Perry Belcher