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My father’s name was Frank, he was a river man.  He did a couple of things in his life, he worked on a river boat and he drank a little beer but he wasn’t a bad guy. I didn’t get to know my dad a lot but everybody that I ever talked to said that he was a real gentleman and a really fine man, he was a hardworking guy, and he worked as a deckhand on a river boat for his whole life.  That’s all he ever did, that’s all he ever knew how to do and he was real good to my mom. I was born not too long after they were married and then eventually my mom and my dad got a divorce, my mom remarried.  But I didn’t have a lot of contact with my dad after that. He moved away to Texas and I’d always plan on going and spend a lot of time with him and be able to stay with him for a while when I got older but when I was 14 years old my dad died of a sudden heart attack. He was only 53 years old. It was totally unexpected. He died on a massive coronary without any warning and that’s a pretty heavy blow to me. His name was Frank and he was a nice man from what I understand. 

By: Perry Belcher

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Do you enjoy traveling by RV?  If you do, you may have recently made a motor home purchase.  If you if are not an RV owner, RV rentals are easy to come across, as well as afford.  When you travel by RV, where do you go?  What do you like to see?  If you are like many other motor home lovers, there is a good chance that you use your motor home to travel to vacations or to visit long distance friends or relatives.  

As previously stated, a number of RV owners and renters use their RVs to travel to visit friends and family members who live a considerable distance away.  Of course, these are all great RV travel purposes, but did you know that there are a number of events that are perfect for traveling by motor home?  There are.  In fact, many motor home owners and renters are surprised with all of the options that they have.  Speaking options, a few events that are perfect for those traveling by motor home are highlighted below for your convenience.

As for sporting events, NASCAR races are the most popular with RV owners and renters.  NASCAR races operate different than most other sporting events, as ticket holders don’t just gain access to one day events.  Many NASCAR ticket holders are able to get tickets for practice sessions and qualifying races, all of which are held on different days.  That is one of the many reasons why NASCAR races are perfect for sports fans who love to travel by RV.

Although NASCAR races are, by far, one of the most attended events by RV owners and renters, other sporting events are popular as well.  Due to the popular pre-game event of tailgating, traveling by RV to an NFL football game is a great idea.  There is nothing better than throwing a tailgating party while having many of the comforts of home.  Many other football fans wish that they had more than the back of a truck.

Aside from using an RV to plan long distance trips to catch up with friends or relatives, the next most popular activity is that of camping.  RV camping is a great way to experience the outdoors, without having to give up all modern day luxuries.  In terms of camping, those traveling in RVs have a number of options.  Perhaps, the best option is that of an RV park.  RV parks are designed with motor homes in mind.  Another option is that of public campgrounds with RV accommodations.

Family reunions, even they tend to appear as if they were a thing of the past, are a great way to keep in touch with long distance relatives.  If your relatives are scattered all across the country and if you are unable to visit each person individually, a family reunion may be a great idea.  A family reunion is also the perfect event to travel to in an RV.  This is mostly due in part to the fact that many reunions take place in national parks or campground parks, which typically offer overnight accommodations for RV owners.

Perry Belcher here saying that if you have a love for antiques, as well as RVs, you may be interested in attending antique shows.  The good news about owning or renting a motor home is that you do not have to limit yourself in terms of distance.  You have the opportunity to travel by RV all across the country to attend antique shows, flea markets, as well as other large sales.  Depending on the size of your RV, you may have a decent amount of space to store all of your purchases.

Antique shows, camping, family reunions, NASCAR races, NFL football games, and other sporting events are just a few of the many events you may want to consider attending when traveling in a RV.  With that being said, there is no reason needed to travel by motor home.  That is the beauty of RVs; you can honestly travel for no purpose at all and have many of the comforts of home right with you!

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Winds represent an awesome force of nature that man has continually strived to harness for his use. Hence, we have windmills, sailboats, and other implements that utilize the power of the wind for man's use. Today, this power is also used for entertainment. The use can be observed in the recent popularity of kitesurfing in Australia.

Australia is a more commonly known for Koalas, Kangaroos, the Outback, the Sydney Opera House, and the Great Barrier Reef. The whole layout of the continent has a huge potential for diverse activities. Kitesurfing is one of those activities that take place in the water side of Australia.

Kitesurfing is a water sport where you basically strap yourself to a surfboard, launch a kite and hang on for dear life. It can be a bit dangerous to surfers and even to swimmers who get in the way. What you should understand is that kitesurfing involves attempting to control something that is usually uncontrollable. This means that danger is an inherent part of this activity. But with the right advice, you might just transform it into the best time you can ever have.

Taking up kitesurfing seriously will require you to invest your cash in equipment costing something between $1000 and $3000. This includes your standard board, kite and safety equipment such as a flotation device. You will obviously need to take some lessons if you want to engage in this activity safely.

During training, you will learn how to maneuver your kite in such a way that you will be able to use the wind to move in the direction you want. You will also learn about the different safety procedures that you should always keep in mind in order to avoid accidents while you are having fun.

The efforts of AKSA or the Australian Kite Surfing Association made kitesurfing increasingly popular in Australia. They hold various competitions to test the skill of kitesurfers, as well as promote the sport.

If you are planning to kitesurf in Australia, you might want to consult with AKSA for various spots which provide ideal conditions for kitesurfing in Australia. After all, it's not a sport that you can do just anywhere.

The Association also provides services related to the safety of the kitesurfer. They, for example, spread knowledge about the various guidelines that a practitioner of the sport should adhere to in order to stay safe. They also offer insurance policies, as well as safety gear.

If you intend to get the best out of your kitesurfing experience, you should make sure that you stay safe. You should also definitely make sure that you have the most fun by getting the right type of equipment and the right type of training. After all, you are dealing with a very unpredictable element of nature here.

Perry Belcher here saying all in all, kitesurfing is a truly extreme sport which offers the thrills of being propelled by air and the feel of the spray. It is also an activity which requires considerable skills and training. The bottom line is that if you want to enjoy this activity, you should make sure that you keep the danger factor to a minimum and the fun factor to a maximum.

Respect the power of the breeze and the surf and always remember everything you learn.

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