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Hotel Saint Onge in the Marais

We landed in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport around 10:15am, local time.  I waited at the baggage claim until all the bags were off -- and mine definitely did not make it.  It had to have been the short time we had in Dallas.  My flight from Austin to Dallas was delayed due to weather for over an hour, and there was barely enough time for me to walk to the other gate.   I am sure that's what happened to my luggage!  The attendant at lost baggage was totally non-helpful.  She did not offer any compensation or even a travel kit -- said it was AA's policy not to provide anything unless the bag would not be delivered within 24 hours.  Only after a little pleading and cajoling did I get her to give me a travel kit! 

Ioannis and I had tried to arrange our arrivals closely.

Rooms at the Saint Onge -- 2d one is the "Cave" where breakfast is served
  I caught the interline bus to his terminal and by the time I got over there, his plane from Athens had just landed.  About 30 minutes later he walked up smiling and gave me the traditional Greek hello -- kisses on both cheeks!  We took the bus over to the RER train and made our way into Paris.  It took about 30 minutes to get to the Metro Station at Gare du Nord.  From there it was quick hop on the Metro to Place de la Republique and a 10 minute walk to our hotel, the Saint Onge.  It is a small hotel (only 23 rooms) in the Marais that I had booked on the internet.  It has a small breakfast room in the basement -- looks like a cave -- stone walls -- fairly dark except for the stark light from the light fixtures.  The rooms are clean, quiet and well located, albeit quite small.
with Ioannis at the Restaurante Le Reconfort
  Did I say small?  Barely enough room around the beds to walk -- and a very small bathroom.  The tub had no shower curtain or walls -- just a tap with a shower hose and shower head.   Since I had flown all night, I grabbed a quick shower (tub shower?) and then we headed out to explore the Marais.

It was drizzling lightly and the temperature was fairly cool.  It was really nice to get out and stretch my legs after the long flight and the train and metro rides.  After  an hour or so of walking around, we stopped for a capuccino and pastry to warm up.  I love French coffee and pastries!

We had dinner that night at a small French restaurant near the Hotel -- Le Reconfort.  Ioannes had a rocket salad and a steak.  I had foie gras and veau au citron (lemon veal).  We had a nice bottle of bourdeaux.  For dessert, a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of port.  It was a very nice meal.   We had a great time catching up and planning the next day.  I was excited when Ioannis told me that the one thing he wanted to do the most was to see Disneyland Paris. :)


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Hotel Saint Onge in the Marais
Hotel Saint Onge in the Marais
Rooms at the Saint Onge -- 2d one …
Rooms at the Saint Onge -- 2d one…
with Ioannis at the Restaurante Le…
with Ioannis at the Restaurante L…
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