India 2006 Trip 2

 By lisalush

The Route

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The Summary

I didn't get enough of India this year.. so I'm going back. This time to see some of the north. I'm counting down the days!!!

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October 5th, 2006London, England
October 6th, 2006Sydney, Australia
October 6th, 2006Agra, India
October 29th, 2006Sydney, Australia
October 30th, 2006New Delhi, India
October 31st, 2006New Delhi, India
November 1st, 2006Haridwar, India
November 2nd, 2006Rishikesh, India
November 2nd, 2006Varanasi, India
November 3rd, 2006Varanasi, India
November 4th, 2006Varanasi, India
November 5th, 2006Agra, India
November 8th, 2006Jaipur, India
November 9th, 2006New Delhi, India
November 10th, 2006Mumbai, India
November 12th, 2006Pololem, India
December 13th, 2006Sydney, Australia
December 18th, 2006Taipei, Taiwan
December 19th, 2006Sydney, Australia