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this is my muchos grandos pain face... i'll post a better one later xx
oi you lot! I haven't written for so long had another scooter accident so had to come home earlier because I broke my knee.... I think. An orthopaedic surgeon said my patella was fractured, a paramedic said it was slightly dislocated, another doctor said I had bone fragments floating.  who knows whats up.
My left foot is twice the size of the right... don't know whatsw up with that either...Not sure about anything till x rays tomorrow.  I'm alright though the drugs don't really work I'd like morphine to be perfectly honest.
Katie is fine we had an awesome time.  My head got shaved I'm now officially a number 1 and my nickname for a while was takli which in hindi is shaved head girl for a boy is takla... but if your balding your name is gangi.
when i broke my knee i was nicknamed limpy gandhi takli because I needed a walking stick to do anything.

I'll post the the video of the head shave on youtube (or however its spelled) once I sort my knee out and send you guys the link. You know what I;m like it could be a while ;)

I've missed travbuddy and hope you're all well xxx
Love Lis xx
Amanda says:
I've missed you like CRAZY!! Please take care of your poor knee, and I'll call you when we can sort it out. LOVE YOU!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2006
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this is my muchos grandos pain fac…
this is my muchos grandos pain fa…
Just a side note.... my back is fi…
Just a side note.... my back is f…
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