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Through my blog I will tell you about lots of humanitarian actions throughout the world but since you always have to start somewhere I will tell you about the first destination where I did a humanitarian action: Senegal. Through my job I'm able to mobilise groups and take them during their trip to little villages to help the people there. You can do a lot of things in a country where people have nothing but this is what we did:

- we brought all kind of things to villages located far from a big city: clothes, educational material, pencils, paper, toys, soap, baloons, books, and so on. These goods are giving to the chief of the village that will distribute them along the locals, but you get to meet the people you are helping, an intense experience!

- we bought material for local schools like educational books, paper,  things to write with, but also rice (else some children have to walk for 1h to eat something at noon at their home village) and cleaning products so they can keep the class rooms clean. You have to know that in some schools they have just 1 notebook for 10 kids during a couple of months... you can imagine that this is not the ideal way to learn something.

- with 1 group I went building a wall around a school that was waiting for this already 20 years. Why a wall? Well in the local schools they teach agriculture but to really learn this to the children it would be ideal if they could plant things into the soil. Only problem is that if there is no wall around the school, donkeys and goats enter the property and eat everything they find. So they where very glad with their wall! And yes, it was us that build it, in 35°C!

- we donated a grain mill to one of the villages because the women in the villages really suffer... they need to work from very early in the morning until late at night with no time to really take care of their children. With the grain mill they gain a lot of time and this helps the children.

- because of all these actions, we decide to start an association to be able to offer help in a more structural way. We have chosen 1 village that we will help during 3 years throughout constructive projects. We are still dealing with the paper work (which can take a long time in Belgium) but as soon as it is an official association, I will tell you more about it!

- and finally, my own private project: helping a handicapt girl that is almost as old as me but that looks 7 years old, who's body is completely misshapen and because noone knows how to deal with this, because they believe she has bad spirits inside of her, she just lays down on the ground, every single day. Worst thing: she realize everything that happens around her. It broke my heart the first time I saw her and since then she's always in my mind, trying to help her through little things like a matress to lay on.

Hope this interest you and I can share a lot more with you guys!

mr_shanet says:
aaahhhh that picture looks familiar :)
good work indeed!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
SheLuvz2Fly says:
God Bless you for all you are doing!!!
Posted on: Feb 26, 2008
pearcetoyou says:
Thanks for the story...the conditions sound all too familiar as with other places in Africa. It is very noble of you to be involved in this, and to also help with the girl:)
Posted on: Feb 21, 2008
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