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Hey so I had a great time, in Paris! We got into Paris, and luckily,the night before, i checked online, to see what the options were, to get from the airport into the city, and we got a bus that left outside the Gate in which we were arriving int, that dropped us off at teh roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe!So from there, we walked to our hotel, which was literlly only down the road from the Arc de Triomphe. And while walking, we were taking in all the crzyness, of the traffic that was going aorund the Round about..matal..about 6 lanes of traffic with no road markings, so every 2 seconds, there were near road deaths!!! Not a road to be driving, unless your very familiar with the area!!
Then we arrived at our Hotel!! With our Top Hat man, welcoming us at the door into the hotel!! We checked in, and even the lobby was just sooo posh!!! Anyway, even teh reception people, like to make you fell like your the scum of the earth!!!, Just to give you an idea of the area we were staying in...across the road, was Jean Pauls Gauttiers' Boutique, at one side of the hotel, was Armani, and the other side, was the Four Seasons (at which a bog standard room in that hotel is e745 a night), and up at teh end of our road, was a very large Louis Vouitton Store!!!
So anyway, jst as we were about to go to our room, we had to wait and sit in the lobby, as the receprionist, had to wait for The Hotel Manager, to come down, so he could welcome us up to our Room!!! We were jst looking at each other (winderng whether we had to tip him or not)...then the manager was delayed so one of the grls at reception, showed us to our room.Our room, is fantastic, and our bed was massive, also, we had a 32"HD TV, and a mini bar, that you just dont even want to look into!! I checked the price of the chepaest item in the minibar, and it was a std packet of m&ms, at a lovely price of €6!!!!!!!!!! And the cost of the food, in the hotel was also, rediculous.... for eg, €13 for two slices of toast, and €9.0 for a coffee /tea !!!! Ha no way!!
Anyway, aftr we got over our excitement, and jumping on the bed, etc, we made our way to the Eiffel TOwer, whch was only a 20min walk away from the hotel!!!
And before we decided to climb it, we decided to go get some dinner, where I loved using my French!!! By god, it "did" come in handy, towards,Brian jst ponted at everything!
We got the lift up to the very top, and my god, the views were jst stunning, and so glad we did coz the following days and nights, it was so foggy! Took some fantastic pictures.
Aftr that we went down Chamsp de Elysee, where we found an Irish Bar, and went for a few drinks, ( large bottle of Cider €8).We didnt stay out for that long, coz we didnt want to be wrecked the following day, anyway, we wernt over there to get drunk, think we're kind of gone from that stage, not to say we cant have a few drinks and enjoy ourselves!, but not to get merry or pissed!!
The following morning, we started finding our bearings wth the Metro System, which (at first), when you see it, you get so lost and flusterd, but by the time, we left Paris, we knew it inside ut, and its the only way to get around, and sooo fecking easy!!! Such a shame they dont have subway/metro over here!!! I mean even getting bak out to the airport again on Sat was sooo easy!
So we went out to Disneyland!! Oh what a cool day. The first ride we went on was the most pathetic ride in history! So bad, twas a haunted house, and it was jst a chair going round and round, really really slowly with all these "gosts" going RARRGH! bad, we were jst laughing in there the whole time!!!
Next one wasnt any better, the Star Wars Ride!!!, So we decided to step it up a notch, and get on the real rides, so we went to Space Mountain Roller Coaster!! Now that was cool, and so fucking scary!! So fast, and 360' and it was pitch black so you couldnt even see anything!!! Then we went to the Indiana Jones Roller Caoster ride, again, very scary and very fast, and was in the wide open and you could see everything, and the Aerosmith Rollercoaster was very cool too, and loads of flashing lights, and loops!!!! With rock music been blasted at you from each side!!! Brilliant day..Then we wen back, got changed then went to the Latin Qtr for a fantastic and cheap meal, and wine!! and then went to another restuarant where we jst ordered a plate of different cheeses, and a bottle of wine, fucking devine!!!
Following morning, we went in search of "Pere lachaise"! the Graveyard where Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and a load of other very famous, Artists, and Scientists were buried, the most EERIEST Graveyard ever, we found Jimmys Grave,and Oscars, and Oscars was mantal, full of Kiss marks!!!Then we went to the Pomidou Art Musuem, with the Moast Craziest design ever, for a building, and soo big and many beautiful works in there including Dali, and Kandinsky, and Magritte!!!Oh I was in heaven!! Then we went to Picassos Musuem, which was also, very very cool, again, I was blown away by all the works! Brian was a tad grumpy at this stage as he was very tired from going into the musuems!!!, Then aftr that we made our way to the Notre Dame Cathdral, and OMG, what a sight, some building, and architecture, unreal, sooo big!!!  That night, which of course is Valentines Night, we decided to go to a different area, again, and not to the same area, as before, to eat, so we went to the the Bastille Area, and this area was cool, loads of bars, and resturants, aI'd say a good place to go on a session!!! Again, go a fabulous 3-cours meal, and in for near nothing!!Twas really funney in this resturant, coz the entire menu was in French!! and no English, so only for I knew a good bit and could translte, we wouldve been lost,and even ordering was in French!!! We both done a lucky dip with what we ordered, but it turned out to be fanstastic!!
On Friday, we went to go to the Catacombes, but when were arrived we found out that their closed for the year of 2008..
So then went made our way to the Louvre, where again, we were blown away at the sheer size of the building , and then in the middle was the glass pyramid for the entrance into the museum!
We only wanted to se one picture in that musuem, which was the Mona Lisa and we did!!! But the hallways leading up to it, were stuffed packed with painting from the Renaisance period, soooo many, some were huge!!! But as soon as we saw Mona Lisa we jst left coz I couldve stayed in there for days, n but I didnt want to put poor Brians feet through that!!, Then across the bridge was our final musuem, which was Musee D'orsay!!! Now this musuem, had some of the worlds most famous Art Works, and for me it was like standin front of someone really famous!!! There were Degas, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and sooo many others, all the ones you know and love!! I get so emotional in front of them, their amazing to look at!!!
Then when we were finished Musee D'Orsay, we were finished seeing everything, Well I couldve kept on going and saw more Art Musuems, but I think four was enough!!
Ya, it was an amazing city, and the French have this really bad reputation of been ignorant, I didnt see any of it, in face every shops, and even on the street, their so friendly, saying hello, and asking you if you need help,. Now of course, the fact I was speaking French, helped a great deal, and if I had no French, well then maybe, I prob wouldve witnessed the Ignorance, but in fairness, You are in their country, so Its only fiar you even try to make an attempt, at speaking ther language, I mean we would expect them to speak English when they come here. Oh its defo a place, I'd like to live for a bit, If I had more time, to explore, I would!!
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photo by: Sweetski