Where is the purple Milka cow?

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Where is the Milka cow?

Hey those, who believe in all the chocolate stories!

I’d like to give the lie to a statement there are purple Milka cows in the meadows of the Alps!!! Not only were there no Milka cows but also not a sign of a bloody groundhog (which was supposed to silver wrap the chocolate bars!!) And don’t know how about you but I sure feel tricked! Naively enough, I climbed these damn steep mountains. And all for nothing! Not a single chocolate manufacturer!!

What are you trying to say? That TV commercials lie?


So I was standing there… in the mountains wondering what could POSSIBLY make up for my strenuous effort?! No chocolate… no milky rivers… No fudge… Hm… And then I had a look around me.

I breathed in the fresh, ‘piercing’ air… and I already knew what. You would know too...


I've always liked the mountains. Their adamant power. Patient silence. Overwhelming beauty.
I've always loved that feeling of reaching the top (even though there is always quite a lot of cursing on the way up) ;) ;) ;)
No wonder I fell in love with the Alps :D


oldschoolbill says:
Well Done!!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
londonstudent says:
Beautiful pics :)
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
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Where is the Milka cow?
Where is the Milka cow?
:) :)
:) :)
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