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Throughout Australia there are a number of big things. The Big Apple, The Big Chock (chicken), The Big Ned Kelly to name but a few. Well Coffs Harbour has the Big(est) Banana, not surprising because of the bananas grown locally. Since we were in the area we decided to check it out, although it does help it you are crazy about bananas and have your own transport. As pedestrians we were met at the end of the footpath with a lovely view of the Big Banana across a very daunting dual carriageway. Now wishing to get run-over we re-traced our steps and got a taxi.

We were pleased we did though, as we were soon having our pictures taken with the Big Banana. A 12m x 6m concrete banana that has been a tourist attraction in Coffs Harbour for over forty years.

The Big Banana!

You can also walk through the Banana for free, where there are photos on displays.

We had wanted to go on the monorail, but there was no mention of it at the ticket office.So we decided to go on the sky-walk. This was a short walk through the plantation, up to a lookout point. The walkway was a bit dilapidated, and the lookout point was closed due to vandalism. However it’s free and you can still see some nice views of Coffs Harbour. The Big Banana wasn’t bustling with tourists when we visited, but it was nice to get away from the crowds.

We then had to decided whether to go to the Cool Bananas ice rink or the World of Bananas Experience. We figured we could go ice skating anytime, so decided on the latter.

Not until after we had eaten some lovely frozen bananas dipped in chocolate (avec nuts, sprinkles or plain).

The World of Bananas Experience comprises of two sort of holographic presentations all about bananas. The first was very informative although we could have done without the last few minutes shamelessly promoting Coffs Harbour. Just when we thought we had learnt all there was to know about bananas. Our guide took us on a tour of the plantation and packing area. Here we were watched another video on how the bananas are washed, sorted, ripened and packed, and also given a banana each.

From here we were allowed to take our time in the education room. Where there was even more information about the banana industry in Coffs Harbour as well as fun interactive displays e.g. The 10m dash carrying the equivalent of a bunch of bananas.

The whole World of Bananas Experience cost $12 per adults, and takes about an hour to complete.

We thought it was good value for money. However you can save more money if you are planning on doing more activities with a day or family ticket.

All we wanted to do was check out the gift shop, so we could get a souvenir of our day.We were spoiled with a whole bunch of banana goodies everything from banana soap to banana chutney. If there’s a banana product you’re after then this is the place to come, and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

All in all this horticultural theme park has probably seen better days, but if you’re after some good wholesome fun then you wont go far wrong with the Big Banana.

At the very least if you’re passing, stop and have your photo taken with the Big Banana.

P.S You don’t even have to like bananas, Simon doesn’t and he still *loved* it!

P.P.S Plus there are plenty of banana jokes to be enjoyed here.

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The Big Banana!
The Big Banana!
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