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Raffles Hotel Singapore.

Damn a band new fancy currency and prices have gone up again. Is this a plot to ease me back into paying proper prices for stuff. The wonderous Baht seems a distant memory. However the 'hostel' we are staying in is gorgeous, a short walk into town and up a hill, the room for 30 quid a night is better than any place I have stayed in my life.

We visited Santerosa island today, on a short trip to Singapore Santerosa is pretty much the one thing you will feel the need to do. Its an afordable, metered price by taxi out to the island and when you are there is is beautiful. It is in short just a beach, and a busy one at that but it is nice just to relax and enjoy the sun.

Raffles Hotel is well worth a visit. Its very exclusive to stay there and has a massive guy with a turbun guarding the front door. If you want to have a look inside you need to have trousers on and be generally smartly dressed. The long bar is the best, or at least the most accesable place to get a drink and a feel for the place. The long bar is a lounge bar on one corner of the hotel, relative to the rest of the building it is  a little shabby but that nice, its not a problem relaxing there. Its custom to eat peanuts at the tables and bar and to drop the shells on the floor. Considerable masses of shells stockpile on the floor throughout the day and adds to the shabby-chic appeal of the place.

Its rather disapointing to find out that the Singapore Slings made here are not elegantly put together like a potion from various alcoholic drinks but are pored from a tap into a glass. Such is the volume of the drinks requested that they are made up in advance and dispensed like soda. You can buy a replica of the famous glasses that the drinks come in if you  want. I decided to buy a set of Raffles hotels playing cards instead, much easier to discretly show everyone I was at the Raffles ;-)

So I have reached the end of the tour, seventeen days. It passed quickly but was about the right amount of time required. I barely have a tan after burning myself to a crisp in Krabi and then being stuck on a bus too often. I am even a little tired, the pace can be quite frenetic. Met some nice people, looking back I knew it would be unlikely that I would stay in touch though. Though they were fun bunch, the blonde girls were nice. Isla was fun. Tom was a ledgend, a total tool but a legend. Ian and Melissa were lovely. It was all round good.

And best of all I am now a 'traveller'!

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Raffles Hotel Singapore.
Raffles Hotel Singapore.