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Tom foolery.

As a destination Penang does, and this is from memory, not hold a massive amount of appeal, relativly it suck ass. The hotel was pretty scruffy, a scruffyness that we only added to I might add as a ramshackle bunch of tourists. To add to my sins I felt the need to add a McDonalds golden arches symbol compete with an arrow pointing in the direction of the local McDonalds. For some reason I thought this was the perfect accompliment to the star and sicle symble pointing to mecca.

Things to see hear are few and far between, we explored the Komtar tower, which is indeed high, but unfortunatly looks over a pretty polluted town. It was also at this junction that I have came to the conclusion that no matter where you go in the world, no matter how scruffy the place is in general, if there is a china town, that will be the scruffiest part of the town.

It seems everywhere in this part of the world has a 'china town' and a 'little india', no 'little china's' or 'india towns' (Why do the second set of adjunctations to my PC ears sound sort of unacceptably racist?)! And every tour leader insists on visiting them. To be fair these are interesting places and probably also the cheapest places to eat. The grub is usually good and consistant.

While in Penang the group went out for an Indian, in the day we had been out in the shopping district in the endless search for McDonalds, it seems in Penang with a large Muslim population long colourful sheet like garments are a big fashion essentail. It only made sense that we all got one and wore it out. It was Jane's birthday and seemed like a fun idea. So meeting down in the lobby to Janes suprise the group were all wearing these rediculous costumes and she was gifted one as a birthday present, just what a 23 year old girl really wants to be wearing on her birthday, we also got her a body condom. Tom was not to be outdone and had managed to buck the trend and find himself a twelve year olds Spiderman outfit including mask. My god what a funny site.

If Penang sucks by days its not too bad at night, after the meal we found a very westernised bar, there was some fit dancing girls on stage, drinks were good and the Chelsea/Barcelona game was on big screens. Simply a great night out, although I did think it would be great to have some of the boys back home around to watch it with.

After this we found another bar and insisted Jane wore the body condom, which resembled a condom in no way and was in fact just a polythene tube, about a girls body size. Despite wearing a sheet of rubber some how she managed to pull some ozzie lad, so it was a good day for all.

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Tom foolery.
Tom foolery.
photo by: Aurora78