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Malacca is a bit of a gem, none of the heat or the humidity of Kuala Lumpur but it is a mix of the old and the new. I am sure there are loads of things to do there but as ever we were in a rush and I had to feed Jane. Jane was proper travelling, that is her holiday was over the stipulated duration required to become traveling, like Isla, Jane appeared to have set herself some goals during her time abroad, she never said but one I suspect was to get healthy and lose a bit of weight, which is a perfectly common and reasonable thing to wish to do.

However progress was dampened at least partially due to her late night snacking. Jane convinced herself I had a weird fetish for feeding women up and making them fat. In reality I am just easy going, often bought bits and pieces, crisps, chocolate, beer, spirits for the numerous late night drinks/chats the group would have and Jane would end up eating the chocolate. That being said, I will now admit what started as generosity did turn it to a snare, I would enjoy seeing the impact a sneakily introduced fruit and nut bar could have on my feedee. This must be similiar to the power drug suppliers feel over their users.

The hotel we stayed in was impecable, massive rooms, baths, fridges, etc. On the roof there was a couple of hot tubs and basking in the sun on the terrace with my feet in the hot tub was great. In hindsight I wish I had just spent more time up there but there is always a complulsion to fill the days with something 'experience' based. And to do that we went of to some place, I think it was a zoo or water park. What I do remeber is the fact our taxi driver drove for an hour there and an hour back, waited around all day for us and we paid him something like 20 quid. He explained that this was the way it was in Malaysia as taxi driving requires no proffesional qualification and that the UK system where drivers have to be registered to drive a taxi was much better.

I could see his logic but could not help wondering that it would be better taking the registration away from black cab drivers and opening up the market fully. Plus his logic did not explain why it costs 40 quid to even get an 'illigal' cab back from central london to the suburbs.

The hotel had a bar attached to it where you can get food, it was a great place that appeared to be run by a guy from New Zealand, top man offered to teach us the Haka, so the whole group did the Haka. Well, not the whole group. On request from one of the girls to learn she was told without a doubt that girls can not do the Haka and please do not interupt. Thats the way its should be.

Around a bout this time, a destabalising force was happening between our tour and the companion tour. In short there was another tour group that had been on the same tour so on the same buses and hotels but just had a diffferent tour leader, somehow, early on an tribal atmosphere had created a redicuous us-and-them situation. However the tribal barriers were shifting. This may be cynical but I think our little group had started to covet their girls, firstly because they were worth covetung and secondly because they were better than ours, go damn it.

Either way after the Haka the usual group, which was pretty much everyone but the blonde girls, Ian and XXXX and the mouse if we could lose her went of to play bowling, which everyone was bored stiff with as they were rubbish, I on the other hand got five strikes and three in a row. Previously Simon had been getting overly competitve about a proposed game so it was good to shut him up for a short while. Aparantly three strikes ina row is known as a turkey. We found a MacDonalds which also shut Tom up, temporarily, and now needed to keep Isla quite, for that we would need a new guy!


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photo by: louise2553