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Here's looking at you!

Kuala Lumpur is my sort of town, if it wasn't for the fact that I fear I would be disolved in my own sweat I would consider moving there. We stayed in a dingy little hotel in the centre of town. God knows where but it was within walking distance of most things. Kuala Lumpur, according to google has 1.4 million people, I find it hard to believe it is so few as the city seems so vast.

I guess we are about on the middle section of the tour now and my little tour group are proper embedded and starting to become like familiy, thats right, there starting to get anoying. Perhaps thats unfair, certainly I am very aware that they are a good bunch.

So what is there to do in Kuala Lumpur, a quick run down would be to buy some porn and a fake watch in the night market, go to the Petronas towers, visit shops, there are millions of them and go up the KL tower.

Petronas Towers.
I guess that's a pretty standard itinary, and I do not mind standard. Visting shops appears to have been our main activity, with few excpetions it turns out the whole of Kuala Lumpur is covered in shops, KL citizens do not have homes as such; the old and retired live and sleep in the shops when they are closed, the young and ambitious go to work in the night market when the shops are closed. Well I guess its better than living in Penang.

For novelty one of the shoping arcades (Berjaya Times Square) in a tower block has a six storey roller coaster ride, indoors, in the tower block of all places. It is by many measures awesome, you can walk around the arcade it is in and see the beams that hold it up shake and vibrate as the cars roll run along the railing. It just makes it more exciting.

I love architecture and had always wanted to see the Petronas towers, they are from the outside beautiful buildings and if you like that sort of thing you will love the look of it. Going up to the viewing platform is popular and you have to get there early and get a ticket and it is quite a lot of hassle, massed groups of people can be found in the lobby sitting on the marble floors of the waiting room to get a ticket. In our case this was a prime opportunity to play cards, playing the card game shit head had become an all too familiar sight. Cutting a long story short, the Petronas towers is a list event, i.e. many people will have it on their list of things to tick off, few would have had it on that list if they had known what it was going to be like. There is nothing wrong with it but the inside of the tower is nothing special and the observation platform is only half way up. The KL tower is better, simple as.

While your in that neck of the woods however, the general business park/shopping centre, remeber everything newly built in KL has to be built on top of shops as they cover every square inch, there is a pretty good aquarium. I have seen many aquariums and they appear to be a bit of a much for muchness and this is no different. So good, but not great.

I simply like KL because it is clean, huge, safe, efficient and you can get a massage and a sauna ludicrously cheeply. This is the sort of place you could get a massage every day of your life without ever feeling an impact of the costs and for me that rocks.

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Heres looking at you!
Here's looking at you!
Petronas Towers.
Petronas Towers.