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Stunning view!

Krabi is most famous for being near Phi Phi islands, as appeared in 'The Beach'. If you have  guide book you will know these took a hammering in the Tsunami in 2005. God knows what they looked like before because they are still a picture of heaven. There are actually two islands, the larger of the two I was surprised to find actually has modern shops and a resort just of the beach. I don't know why I find it sad that they are not uninhabited but I do and I felt a little cheated.

You get there, like most islands by boat. The trip we went on which is a common one is simply organised and advertised in most bars or hotel lobbies. The full day length visits a number of islands of increasing beauty, as with many things there are often hidden annoyances, one Island we visited had rocks in the see so sharp that Saboteur would have found competition. This however seemed to become a bit of a game to see how you can manage it.

Just around the corner, so to speak, from Krabi's main beach, which by the way is a bit shabby, is Raily beach, you need to get a boat there but it is not far, you can see it is just a round the corner, this is a better beach than Krabi proper and its nice just to relax. A few of us headed there, most got sunburned, some did not. There is tonnes of stuff available at Raily, some of the best climbing in the world, Kayaking, snorkelling, diving, etc, I enjoyed the beach and the sun, that was enough.

In the evening we found a local restaurant and got dinner, one thing you have to get used to and expect in Thailand is your meals will come from the kitchens eventually but there is no predictable sequence to this. There is no concept of starters or desserts, just food. Today is one of the group of blondes birthday; Lindsay. We all manage to procure garlands of flowers and frankly I like mine a lot.

Someone birthday means a big night out and so it is, not too far from the beach there is a tourist bar, the entry to bar is a solid looking arch of beer cans that would make any student weep with satisfaction on seeing the full blooded version of what most student mails would have tried to build at one time or another. The place is big and on one side is actually attached to the beach. It was full of fit women, I may have even tried cracking onto one, I don’t recall. These places for me are what going out should be about, not club nights, people were relaxed could get a drink, people put on luminous paints and an entertainer swung file sticks about. Cooooooool.

The following night I am out with Ian, it is a rare occurrence than me and Tom are not a team, it is possible he has gone home early, I suspect he tried hitting on Isla which I don't imagine worked, either way it is a good thing, Ian is a sound guy and relatively seems more mature than the rest of the group. As the elder statesman of the group it is nice to have a slightly more sensible conversation. Were talking about mosquitoes.

I return, drunk to mine and Toms hut to find a big hole in the roof where the moon light is shining through the roof. My instant reaction is to wonder what the idiot has done now and how has he managed to make a hole in the roof. On reflection I can see its not a whole in the roof but the light from gigantic Mag Light torch Tom brought with him. He is lying fast asleep above the covers with his arms crossed across his chest holding the torch in one hand and a seven inch bowie knife in the other. I can't possibly attribute my lack of concern with the fact I am sharing a room with someone I hardly know that is lying on the bed looking like an absolute nut case to alcohol as I have been drunk many, many, many times before and know that, that would alarm me. You know I think it is the Thailand effect, the same thing that means no one wears seatbelts, people hang out of Tuk Tuks and trucks with a what will be will be carefree attitude.

Later in the tour it would turn out that Simon, the often bearable, more often not rugby fanatic troll of our tour had took this opportunity to bone the mouse. The mouse was one of those people that despite the atmosphere of camaraderie that comes with these tours was so annoying and boring that had found it difficult to bond with anyone. She had clearly become someone people were taking terns to tolerate so for Simon to take his turn with such gusto was kind spirited to say the least. We would not hear about this until KL and it would not become a problem until Malacca. It was however nice to know that there was some sexual chemistry in the group.

Now is a good time to venture into Simon territory, Simons most dominant character feature, hilariously, was that he could simply not take a good photo, the girls said he was not a bad looking chap, I recall me and Tom were horrified to think the girls thought he was better looking than me and Tom, which is not a reflection, certainly not in my case, that I think of myself as good looking, rather thought of Simon as particularly Shrek like. Well women have the rights on the last word on this so I will bow to their greater knowledge. I however have the evidence in photo's to prove that the lens did not like Simon, not one little bit. Neither on that matter for a large part of the tour did I, he seemed to be the sort of guy that was always looking to impress people, either with drinking stories, rugby stories, diving stories or stories about his manhood (stories Jane would later suggest could not possibly be true). And I believe I was right, he was just looking to impress and be something to the group because on a one on one basis it turned out he was a bloody nice bloke.

On his side he had to his advantage just how much me and Tom were starting to annoy the rest of the group. I like to think it was Tom that was annoying the group and I was just associated with him but the fact I don't really care either way suggests that, that may not be the case. I remember well walking up the hill, leisurely, on our last day in Krabi to find the bus and about forty people waiting impatiently for me and Tom to turn up so we could leave. We had decided to sneak our way into the nearby luxury hotel complex and use their pool, well we didn't have a pool, and it was a gorgeous pool, the sort of place one can easily lose the track of time ;-)

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Stunning view!
Stunning view!
photo by: forevert2