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Pic by Agnes. We will have a better pic from James later! :D

It is always nice to meet people from other countries and this time we met James.

I didn’t know James before the meetup. He was a friend of Agnes (agnesli) in TB and he contacted her here in TB. Agnes asked me am I interested to meet a travbuddy from Australia. Sure, why not? I love to meet nice people no matter where he /she comes from! Hehe

James came to HK for a business trip with his business partner Nicky (Hope I didn't spell it wrong :P). They were in Guangzhou, China for a meeting at the day and came back to HK at night, so we decided to meet them at night to have a drink. Right after Agnes and I finished our choir practice, we met her boyfriend and joined James and Nicky. James was not feeling very well so we just had our meeting in the bar at their hotel.

Agnes and I thought James is Aussie but he is not. Haha. James was born in Montenegro and Nicky was from the border of Montenegro and Bosnia but they do live in Australia for a long time and have business there. Cool, I never thought that I could have a friend from Montenegro! I am so excited about that. At the very beginning, we have no idea where exactly Montenegro is (I only know it is in Europe and near Croatia :P) but what a fortunate coincidence I got a small map of Balkan peninsula from a travel magazine and James showed us where is Montenegro. Good lesson for my geography around there! Thanks James.

James, still look like an Aussie to me although he wasn’t born there. I can see the sunshine of Australia on him! Would love to go to Australia sometime. :-) He talked about his job and told us about his favorite drink in Montenegro (Oops, I already forget the name of the drink, I think it is called "blue something"). He also shared his experience in Hong Kong, telling us which hotels in HK are good and which are bad! It is good to know about that so next time when someone asks me about hotel in HK, at least I can give them some choices. Hehe, I always need guest to tell me something more about HK!

James's business partner Nicky is a philosopher (according to James ;D). He has very special perspective on things. What he said is a bit profound for me and I only got part of it. I will try to think about what he said and hope I can get the meaning of it. By the way, he is a very nice guy and always wants to help people!

We had a pretty nice chat for about 2 hours. James was tired because of the jet lag, the meetings and also with the effect of alcohol, he laid on the sofa and his eyelid was getting heavier and heavier. Everybody was getting tired too. Okay, 1am already, time to sleep. :D

James and Nicky will leave HK on Mon but he said he is coming back next Sunday and in August! Great, looking forward to meet him again! Haha!

bokeljski_djetic says:
What a great writing :) Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
mavislau says:
Yes, haha, I am not a late sleeper. It's always a problem for me in the party!
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
CFD says:
Sleeping at 1AM? Seems like you obviously have something to learn :P.. hehe ;) Its always great to meet travbuddies ;)
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
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Pic by Agnes. We will have a bette…
Pic by Agnes. We will have a bett…
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