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Back in Amman we decided that these tours just aren't the best way to see this country. Or well, maybe they are the best, it is just not for us. Dana, the French girl we had met on our tour yesterday, had joined an Italian guy with a rental car, and they'd done almost the same trip as we had done, but at their own leisure. I wish we could have joined them.

But renting a car just for the two us didn't seem an option either. And public transport wise, there just isn't any. This country seems solely catered for group tours, and individual travellers have few other options. The nearest place where you can easily get to by any form of transportation is Petra, 250 kilometres to the south, but there was quite a bit in between that we'd wanted to see as well.

We met two other guys who also wanted to go to Petra, and we decided to hire a taxi with the four of us, and build in some extra stops along the way, thereby making our own excursion.

For dinner we went to the recommended Blue Fig Café, which is a long way outside of the central Amman, in one of the 'better' neighbourhoods of the city. The parking was filled with BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, the people around us in the restaurant were smoking big Cuban cigars and conversations were done more in English than in Arabic.
On the door was a large poster: “This month: Dutch Festival! Celbrate the Dutch culture with us with Dutch music, Dutch beer and Dutch cheese” - yay! We'd come all the way to Jordan to have a Dutch festival?!??! No thanks!


The Dutch Festival notwithstanding (with singer Yuri Honing - who the f.. is he??) I have to say the food was really nice and really tasty. The restaurant is specialised in fusion cooking, so the food is a blend of different international influences. I had a starter of falafel spring rolls and my main course was a Turkish pizza with Bedouin stir fry. And for desert a Kyoto Green Tea and Mint crème Brulée - where in the world can you get something like that?!

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