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39 months, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Whale sharks, manta rays, pandas, elephants, bears, komodo dragons, turtles, tigers, bulls. Pyramids, Petra, Ephesus, Kremlin, Great Wall, Angkor, Bagan, Persepolis, Trans Siberian railway and fantastic travbuddys! Stolen bags, crowbar threats, 1 landmine explosion, bank robbery, 2 motorbike crashes, 2 bus crashes, pancreatis, erosion of the liver and kidneys, BUT I'm still here and telling my tale! Check out the blog and leave a smile/comment.

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June 2nd, 2006Harrogate, England
June 3rd, 2006Prague, Czech Republic
June 7th, 2006Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
June 8th, 2006Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
June 10th, 2006Vienna, Austria
June 14th, 2006Budapest, Hungary
June 19th, 2006Balatonfured, Hungary
June 23rd, 2006Lvov, Ukraine
June 26th, 2006Kiev, Ukraine
July 3rd, 2006Krakow, Poland
July 5th, 2006Gdynia, Poland
July 10th, 2006Gdansk, Poland
July 12th, 2006Warsaw, Poland
July 22nd, 2006Vilnius, Lithuania
July 28th, 2006Klaipeda, Lithuania
August 2nd, 2006Riga, Latvia
August 9th, 2006Tallinn, Estonia
August 28th, 2006Tartu, Estonia
August 29th, 2006Parnu, Estonia
August 31st, 2006Tallinn, Estonia
September 1st, 2006Helsinki, Finland
September 4th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
October 3rd, 2006Tallinn, Estonia
October 6th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
October 13th, 2006Vladimir, Russia
October 15th, 2006Suzdal, Russia
October 16th, 2006Moscow, Russia
October 22nd, 2006Yekaterinburg, Russia
October 24th, 2006Tomsk, Russia
October 26th, 2006Krasnoyarsk, Russia
October 27th, 2006Irkutsk, Russia
October 31st, 2006Khuzhir, Russia
November 2nd, 2006Irkutsk, Russia
November 4th, 2006Suhbaatar, Mongolia
November 5th, 2006Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
November 7th, 2006Harhorin, Mongolia
November 8th, 2006Tsetserleg, Mongolia
November 9th, 2006Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia
November 10th, 2006Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia
November 11th, 2006Ogiy Lake, Mongolia
November 12th, 2006Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
November 20th, 2006Erlian, China
November 21st, 2006Beijing, China
November 22nd, 2006Badaling, China
November 23rd, 2006Beijing, China
November 25th, 2006Datong, China
November 27th, 2006Pingyao, China
November 28th, 2006Shijiazhuang, China
November 29th, 2006Tai'an, China
November 30th, 2006Tai'shan Mountain, China
December 1st, 2006Qufu, China
December 3rd, 2006Nanjing, China
December 6th, 2006Hangzhou, China
December 7th, 2006Shanghai, China
December 11th, 2006Luoyang, Henan Province, China
December 12th, 2006Shaolin Temple, China
December 13th, 2006Xi'an, China
December 17th, 2006Chengdu, China
December 18th, 2006Leshan, China
December 19th, 2006Chengdu, China
December 21st, 2006Panzhihua, China
December 22nd, 2006Lijiang, China
December 23rd, 2006Tiger Leaping Gorge, China
December 24th, 2006Lijiang, China
December 26th, 2006Lijiang, China
December 27th, 2006Kunming, China
December 30th, 2006Shilin Stone Forest, China
December 31st, 2006Kunming, China
January 2nd, 2007Zhijin, China
January 3rd, 2007Anshun, China
January 4th, 2007Chongqing, China
January 7th, 2007Yichang, China
January 9th, 2007Sanjiang, China
January 10th, 2007Longsheng, Guangxi Province, China
January 11th, 2007Guilin, China
January 13th, 2007Yangshuo, China
January 16th, 2007Guilin, China
January 17th, 2007Nanning, China
January 19th, 2007Hanoi, Vietnam
January 21st, 2007Hanoi, Vietnam
January 22nd, 2007Halong Bay, Vietnam
January 23rd, 2007Cat Ba, Vietnam
January 24th, 2007Hanoi, Vietnam
January 27th, 2007Ninh Binh, Vietnam
January 28th, 2007Hue, Vietnam
January 30th, 2007Hoi An, Vietnam
February 2nd, 2007Nha Trang, Vietnam
February 7th, 2007Da Lat, Vietnam
February 9th, 2007Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 12th, 2007Cu Chi, Vietnam
February 13th, 2007My Tho, Vietnam
February 14th, 2007Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 18th, 2007Phnom Penh, Cambodia
February 23rd, 2007Sihanoukville, Cambodia
February 27th, 2007Kampot, Cambodia
March 1st, 2007Battambang, Cambodia
March 3rd, 2007Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
March 4th, 2007Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 6th, 2007Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 7th, 2007Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 8th, 2007Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 10th, 2007Kompong Thom, Cambodia
March 11th, 2007Kompong Cham, Cambodia
March 12th, 2007Kratie, Cambodia
March 13th, 2007Ban Lung, Cambodia
March 16th, 2007Voen Sai, Cambodia
March 17th, 2007Stung Treng, Cambodia
March 18th, 2007Don Det, Laos
March 22nd, 2007Champasak, Laos
March 23rd, 2007Pakse, Laos
March 24th, 2007Tadlo, Laos
March 26th, 2007Vientiane, Laos
March 28th, 2007Vang Vieng, Laos
April 2nd, 2007Phonsavan, Laos
April 4th, 2007Luang Prabang, Laos
April 7th, 2007Muang Ngoi Neau, Laos
April 10th, 2007Louang Namtha, Laos
April 12th, 2007Chiang Khong, Thailand
April 13th, 2007Bangkok, Thailand
April 16th, 2007Bangkok, Thailand
April 24th, 2007Manila, Philippines
April 26th, 2007Leynes, Philippines
April 27th, 2007Manila, Philippines
May 1st, 2007Donsol, Philippines
May 2nd, 2007Legazpi, Philippines
May 3rd, 2007Calbayog, Philippines
May 4th, 2007Tacloban, Philippines
May 6th, 2007Surigao, Philippines
May 7th, 2007Siargao Island, Philippines
May 13th, 2007Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
May 15th, 2007Camiguin Island, Philippines
May 17th, 2007Nasipit, Philippines
May 17th, 2007Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
May 18th, 2007Cebu, Philippines
May 19th, 2007Malapascua Island, Philippines
May 20th, 2007Malapascua Island, Philippines
May 21st, 2007Tagbilaran, Philippines
May 23rd, 2007Dumaguete, Philippines
May 24th, 2007Siquijor, Philippines
May 26th, 2007Apo Island, Philippines
May 28th, 2007Dumaguete, Philippines
May 29th, 2007Moalboal, Philippines
May 30th, 2007Dumangas, Philippines
May 31st, 2007Boracay, Philippines
June 2nd, 2007Boracay, Philippines
June 4th, 2007Roxas, Philippines
June 5th, 2007Puerto Galera, Philippines
June 9th, 2007Manila, Philippines
June 15th, 2007Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
June 18th, 2007Sapi Island, Malaysia
June 19th, 2007Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
June 20th, 2007Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
June 21st, 2007Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
June 22nd, 2007Poring, Malaysia
June 23rd, 2007Sandakan, Malaysia
June 25th, 2007Sungai Kinabatangan, Malaysia
June 26th, 2007Sungai Kinabatangan, Malaysia
June 27th, 2007Semporna, Malaysia
June 29th, 2007Mabul, Malaysia
July 1st, 2007Sipadan, Malaysia
July 2nd, 2007Mabul, Malaysia
July 5th, 2007Sipadan, Malaysia
July 6th, 2007Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
July 7th, 2007Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
July 8th, 2007Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
July 9th, 2007Miri, Malaysia
July 10th, 2007Kuching, Malaysia
July 15th, 2007Kuching, Malaysia
July 16th, 2007Kuching, Malaysia
July 18th, 2007Pontianak, Indonesia
July 20th, 2007Jakarta, Indonesia
July 23rd, 2007Bogor, Indonesia
July 24th, 2007Cisarua, Indonesia
July 25th, 2007Cibodas, Indonesia
July 26th, 2007Bandung, Indonesia
July 29th, 2007Jakarta, Indonesia
August 1st, 2007Yogyakarta, Indonesia
August 3rd, 2007Borobodur, Indonesia
August 4th, 2007Prambanan, Indonesia
August 5th, 2007Yogyakarta, Indonesia
August 6th, 2007Probolinggo, Indonesia
August 7th, 2007Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia
August 9th, 2007Kuta, Indonesia
August 19th, 2007Pura Luhur Ulu Watu, Indonesia
August 20th, 2007Ubud, Indonesia
August 22nd, 2007Mengwi, Indonesia
August 22nd, 2007Lake Buyan, Indonesia
August 22nd, 2007Lovina, Indonesia
August 23rd, 2007Lake Bratan, Indonesia
August 23rd, 2007Tulamben, Indonesia
August 24th, 2007Pura Besakih, Indonesia
August 24th, 2007Sukawati, Indonesia
August 25th, 2007Pura Tanah Lot, Indonesia
August 26th, 2007Gili Trawangan, Indonesia
September 2nd, 2007Bangsal, Indonesia
September 3rd, 2007Sape, Indonesia
September 5th, 2007Labuanbajo, Indonesia
September 6th, 2007Rinca Island, Indonesia
September 7th, 2007Bajawa, Indonesia
September 8th, 2007Moni, Indonesia
September 9th, 2007Maumere, Indonesia
September 11th, 2007Kupang, Indonesia
September 12th, 2007Dili, East Timor
September 21st, 2007Kupang, Indonesia
September 24th, 2007Jakarta, Indonesia
September 28th, 2007Medan, Indonesia
September 30th, 2007Tuk Tuk, Indonesia
October 4th, 2007Medan, Indonesia
October 6th, 2007Iboih, Indonesia
October 15th, 2007Bukit Lawang, Indonesia
October 16th, 2007Medan, Indonesia
October 17th, 2007Penang, Malaysia
October 22nd, 2007Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October 27th, 2007Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
October 30th, 2007Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 1st, 2007Malacca, Malaysia
November 3rd, 2007Singapore
November 7th, 2007Taman Negara, Malaysia
November 12th, 2007Hat Yai, Thailand
November 13th, 2007Ao Nang, Thailand
November 18th, 2007Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
November 21st, 2007Ao Nang, Thailand
November 22nd, 2007Koh Phangan, Thailand
November 28th, 2007Koh Samui, Thailand
December 1st, 2007Phuket, Thailand
December 10th, 2007Ranong, Thailand
December 11th, 2007Kawthoung, Myanmar
December 12th, 2007Bangkok, Thailand
December 16th, 2007Sukhothai, Thailand
December 18th, 2007Si Satchanalai, Thailand
December 18th, 2007Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 21st, 2007Pai, Thailand
December 26th, 2007Mae Hong Son, Thailand
December 30th, 2007Pai, Thailand
January 4th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
January 8th, 2008Yangon, Myanmar
January 11th, 2008Mandalay, Myanmar
January 11th, 2008Sagaing, Myanmar
January 11th, 2008Amarapura, Myanmar
January 13th, 2008Mingun, Myanmar
January 14th, 2008Pyin U Lwin, Myanmar
January 14th, 2008Hsipaw, Myanmar
January 16th, 2008Mandalay, Myanmar
January 17th, 2008Monywa, Myanmar
January 19th, 2008Bagan, Myanmar
January 20th, 2008Bagan, Myanmar
January 21st, 2008Bagan, Myanmar
January 22nd, 2008Bagan, Myanmar
January 23rd, 2008Kalaw, Myanmar
January 24th, 2008Kalaw, Myanmar
January 25th, 2008Kalaw, Myanmar
January 26th, 2008Kalaw, Myanmar
January 26th, 2008Inle Lake, Myanmar
January 28th, 2008Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar
February 1st, 2008Yangon, Myanmar
February 4th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
February 7th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
February 8th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
February 13th, 2008Ayutthaya, Thailand
February 16th, 2008Surin, Thailand
February 16th, 2008Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
February 17th, 2008Phimai, Thailand
February 18th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
February 23rd, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
February 25th, 2008Kanchanaburi, Thailand
February 28th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
March 1st, 2008Macau
March 3rd, 2008Macau
March 3rd, 2008Hong Kong
March 7th, 2008Manila, Philippines
March 10th, 2008Donsol, Philippines
March 12th, 2008Donsol, Philippines
March 12th, 2008Legaspi, Philippines
March 13th, 2008Manila, Philippines
March 13th, 2008Taipei, Taiwan
March 17th, 2008Chiayi, Taiwan
March 18th, 2008Alishan National Park, Taiwan
March 20th, 2008Tainan, Taiwan
March 21st, 2008Taitung, Taiwan
March 22nd, 2008Hualien, Taiwan
March 23rd, 2008Taiwan East Coast, Taiwan
March 24th, 2008Taroko Gorge and the East Coast, Taiwan
March 25th, 2008Jiaosi, Taiwan
March 25th, 2008Nanfang-ao, Taiwan
March 25th, 2008Su-ao, Taiwan
March 26th, 2008Jiaosi, Taiwan
March 26th, 2008Taipei, Taiwan
March 27th, 2008Yeliu, Taiwan
March 27th, 2008Taipei, Taiwan
March 28th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
March 31st, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 3rd, 2008Suwon, South Korea
April 3rd, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 5th, 2008Seoraksan National Park, South Korea
April 7th, 2008Samcheok, South Korea
April 8th, 2008Busan, South Korea
April 11th, 2008Gyeongju, South Korea
April 12th, 2008Busan, South Korea
April 13th, 2008Jeju-do, South Korea
April 14th, 2008Hallasan National Park, South Korea
April 15th, 2008Seogwipo, South Korea
April 15th, 2008Seongsan Ilchulbong, South Korea
April 16th, 2008Seongeup Traditional village, South Korea
April 16th, 2008Jeju-do, South Korea
April 16th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 17th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
April 19th, 2008Tanggu, China
April 19th, 2008Beijing, China
April 20th, 2008Beijing, China
April 23rd, 2008Beijing, China
April 23rd, 2008Huang Hua Great Wall, China
April 26th, 2008Chengde, China
April 28th, 2008Tianjin, China
April 28th, 2008Beijing, China
April 29th, 2008Hohhot, China
April 29th, 2008Yinchuan, China
May 1st, 2008Lanzhou, China
May 1st, 2008Linxia, China
May 2nd, 2008Lanzhou, China
May 4th, 2008Bingling Si, China
May 4th, 2008Lanzhou, China
May 5th, 2008Jiayuguan, China
May 6th, 2008July 1st Glacier, China
May 7th, 2008Jiayuguan, China
May 7th, 2008Dunhuang, China
May 9th, 2008Yadan National Park, China
May 10th, 2008Turpan, China
May 11th, 2008Urumqi, China
May 16th, 2008Korgas, China
May 16th, 2008Almaty, Kazakhstan
May 23rd, 2008Turkistan, Kazakhstan
May 25th, 2008Otrar, Kazakhstan
May 25th, 2008Shymkent, Kazakhstan
May 26th, 2008Zhabaghly, Kazakhstan
May 28th, 2008Shymkent, Kazakhstan
May 29th, 2008Almaty, Kazakhstan
May 30th, 2008Bolshoe Almatinskoe Lake, Kazakhstan
June 1st, 2008Almaty, Kazakhstan
June 3rd, 2008Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan
June 4th, 2008Burabay, Kazakhstan
June 7th, 2008Astana, Kazakhstan
June 10th, 2008Semey, Kazakhstan
June 12th, 2008Almaty, Kazakhstan
June 13th, 2008Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
June 20th, 2008Tokmak, Kyrgyzstan
June 20th, 2008Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan
June 21st, 2008Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
June 23rd, 2008Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan
June 24th, 2008Altyn Arashan, Kyrgyzstan
June 26th, 2008Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan
June 27th, 2008Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan
June 28th, 2008Kol Ukok, Kyrgyzstan
June 29th, 2008Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan
June 30th, 2008Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
July 1st, 2008Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan
July 1st, 2008Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
July 2nd, 2008Kazarman, Kyrgyzstan
July 3rd, 2008Osh, Kyrgyzstan
July 6th, 2008Karakul, Tajikistan
July 7th, 2008Jelang, Tajikistan
July 8th, 2008Murgab, Tajikistan
July 10th, 2008Bulunkul, Tajikistan
July 11th, 2008Langar, Tajikistan
July 12th, 2008Ishkashim, Tajikistan
July 12th, 2008Khorog, Tajikistan
July 15th, 2008Geisev Valley, Tajikistan
July 16th, 2008Khorog, Tajikistan
July 19th, 2008Kulyab, Tajikistan
July 20th, 2008Dushanbe, Tajikistan
July 25th, 2008Penjikent, Tajikistan
July 26th, 2008Shing, Tajikistan
July 27th, 2008Penjikent, Tajikistan
July 28th, 2008Fan Mountains, Tajikistan
July 31st, 2008Penjikent, Tajikistan
August 1st, 2008Samarkand, Uzbekistan
August 4th, 2008Tashkent, Uzbekistan
August 5th, 2008Tashkent, Uzbekistan
August 13th, 2008Samarkand, Uzbekistan
August 16th, 2008Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan
August 17th, 2008Bukhara, Uzbekistan
August 20th, 2008Tashkent, Uzbekistan
August 26th, 2008Khiva, Uzbekistan
August 29th, 2008Bukhara, Uzbekistan
August 30th, 2008Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan
August 31st, 2008Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
September 3rd, 2008Mashhad, Iran
September 5th, 2008Kang, Iran
September 6th, 2008Tus, Iran
September 7th, 2008Tehran, Iran
September 17th, 2008Kashan, Iran
September 19th, 2008Abyaneh, Iran
September 19th, 2008Kashan, Iran
September 20th, 2008Esfahan, Iran
September 22nd, 2008Yazd, Iran
September 25th, 2008Kerman, Iran
September 26th, 2008Kaluts, Iran
September 26th, 2008Mahan, Iran
September 27th, 2008Rayen, Iran
September 27th, 2008Kerman, Iran
September 28th, 2008Shiraz, Iran
September 29th, 2008Persepolis, Iran
September 30th, 2008Shiraz, Iran
October 1st, 2008Firuz Abad, Iran
October 2nd, 2008Bishapur, Iran
October 2nd, 2008Bushehr, Iran
October 5th, 2008Ahvaz, Iran
October 6th, 2008Shushtar, Iran
October 6th, 2008Ahvaz, Iran
October 7th, 2008Choqa Zanbil, Iran
October 7th, 2008Ahvaz, Iran
October 8th, 2008Izeh, Iran
October 8th, 2008Ahvaz, Iran
October 9th, 2008Shush, Iran
October 10th, 2008Kermanshah, Iran
October 11th, 2008Bisotun, Iran
October 11th, 2008Kermanshah, Iran
October 11th, 2008Paveh, Iran
October 12th, 2008Howraman at Takht, Iran
October 12th, 2008Sanandaj, Iran
October 13th, 2008Palangan, Iran
October 13th, 2008Sanandaj, Iran
October 14th, 2008Takht-e Soleiman, Iran
October 14th, 2008Zanjan, Iran
October 14th, 2008Tehran, Iran
October 21st, 2008Qazvin, Iran
October 23rd, 2008Castles of the Assassins, Iran
October 23rd, 2008Qazvin, Iran
October 24th, 2008Tehran, Iran
October 25th, 2008Astara, Azerbaijan
October 25th, 2008Baku, Azerbaijan
October 27th, 2008Abseron Peninsula, Azerbaijan
October 28th, 2008Qobustan, Azerbaijan
October 29th, 2008Baku, Azerbaijan
October 31st, 2008Xinaliq, Azerbaijan
November 2nd, 2008Baku, Azerbaijan
November 3rd, 2008Ismayilli, Azerbaijan
November 4th, 2008Lahic, Azerbaijan
November 4th, 2008Ismayilli, Azerbaijan
November 5th, 2008Sheki, Azerbaijan
November 6th, 2008Qax, Azerbaijan
November 7th, 2008Zaqatala, Azerbaijan
November 8th, 2008Sighnaghi, Georgia
November 9th, 2008Telavi, Georgia
November 10th, 2008Tbilisi, Georgia
November 11th, 2008Mtskheta, Georgia
November 11th, 2008Tbilisi, Georgia
November 14th, 2008Davit Gareja, Georgia
November 15th, 2008Gori, Georgia
November 15th, 2008Tbilisi, Georgia
November 16th, 2008Kazbegi, Georgia
November 17th, 2008Tbilisi, Georgia
November 18th, 2008Alaverdi, Armenia
November 18th, 2008Stepanavan, Armenia
November 19th, 2008Vanadzor, Armenia
November 19th, 2008Kobayr, Armenia
November 19th, 2008Yerevan, Armenia
November 23rd, 2008Geghard, Armenia
November 23rd, 2008Yerevan, Armenia
November 24th, 2008Echmiadzin, Armenia
November 25th, 2008Dilijan, Armenia
November 25th, 2008Sevan, Armenia
November 25th, 2008Yerevan, Armenia
November 27th, 2008Khor Virap, Armenia
November 27th, 2008Yerevan, Armenia
December 1st, 2008Bavra, Armenia
December 1st, 2008Akhaltsikhe, Georgia
December 2nd, 2008Posof, Turkey
December 3rd, 2008Ani, Turkey
December 3rd, 2008Kars, Turkey
December 4th, 2008Dogubayazit, Turkey
December 5th, 2008Van, Turkey
December 7th, 2008Hosap, Turkey
December 7th, 2008Van, Turkey
December 9th, 2008Batman, Turkey
December 10th, 2008Hasankeyf, Turkey
December 10th, 2008Batman, Turkey
December 11th, 2008Diyarbakir, Turkey
December 12th, 2008Mardin, Turkey
December 12th, 2008Diyarbakir, Turkey
December 13th, 2008Karadut, Turkey
December 14th, 2008Sanliurfa, Turkey
December 16th, 2008Harran, Turkey
December 17th, 2008Gaziantep, Turkey
December 18th, 2008Kilis, Turkey
December 19th, 2008Amasya, Turkey
December 21st, 2008Yenice, Turkey
December 22nd, 2008Safranbolu, Turkey
December 23rd, 2008Yenice, Turkey
December 24th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
December 26th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
December 28th, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
December 30th, 2008Bodrum, Turkey
December 31st, 2008Milas, Turkey
December 31st, 2008Labranda, Turkey
December 31st, 2008Euromos, Turkey
December 31st, 2008Kiyikislacik, Turkey
December 31st, 2008Bodrum, Turkey
January 2nd, 2009Selcuk, Turkey
January 3rd, 2009Sirince, Turkey
January 4th, 2009Didyma, Turkey
January 4th, 2009Herakleia, Turkey
January 4th, 2009Miletus, Turkey
January 4th, 2009Priene, Turkey
January 4th, 2009Selcuk, Turkey
January 5th, 2009Pamukkale, Turkey
January 5th, 2009Aphrodisias, Turkey
January 7th, 2009Fethiye, Turkey
January 8th, 2009Kayakoy, Turkey
January 8th, 2009Oludeniz, Turkey
January 9th, 2009Kas, Turkey
January 9th, 2009Xanthos, Turkey
January 9th, 2009Demre, Turkey
January 11th, 2009Olympos, Turkey
January 12th, 2009Antalya, Turkey
January 14th, 2009Antalya, Turkey
January 14th, 2009Termessos, Turkey
January 15th, 2009Aspendos, Turkey
January 15th, 2009Side, Turkey
January 16th, 2009Anamur, Turkey
January 18th, 2009Kizkalesi, Turkey
January 18th, 2009Silifke, Turkey
January 18th, 2009Konya, Turkey
January 20th, 2009sille, Turkey
January 21st, 2009Egirdir, Turkey
January 21st, 2009Isparta, Turkey
January 22nd, 2009Sagalassos, Turkey
January 22nd, 2009Isparta, Turkey
January 23rd, 2009afyon, Turkey
January 27th, 2009Kutahya, Turkey
January 29th, 2009Cavdarhisar, Turkey
January 29th, 2009Kutahya, Turkey
January 30th, 2009Bursa, Turkey
February 2nd, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
February 6th, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
February 10th, 2009Canakkale, Turkey
February 12th, 2009Assos, Turkey
February 12th, 2009Bergama, Turkey
February 13th, 2009Izmir, Turkey
February 17th, 2009Ankara, Turkey
February 21st, 2009Goreme, Turkey
February 23rd, 2009Kaymakli, Turkey
February 24th, 2009Goreme, Turkey
February 25th, 2009Cavusin, Turkey
February 26th, 2009Antakya, Turkey
February 26th, 2009Aleppo, Syria
February 27th, 2009Qala'at Samaan, Syria
February 27th, 2009Aleppo, Syria
February 28th, 2009Dead Cities, Syria
March 1st, 2009Aleppo, Syria
March 3rd, 2009Latakia, Syria
March 4th, 2009Hama, Syria
March 5th, 2009Apamea, Syria
March 5th, 2009Hama, Syria
March 6th, 2009Palmyra, Syria
March 6th, 2009Krak des Chevaliers, Syria
March 8th, 2009Damascus, Syria
March 9th, 2009Beirut, Lebanon
March 10th, 2009Saida, Lebanon
March 11th, 2009Beit Mary, Lebanon
March 12th, 2009Beirut, Lebanon
March 13th, 2009Tyre, Lebanon
March 14th, 2009Beirut, Lebanon
March 15th, 2009Jounieh, Lebanon
March 15th, 2009Byblos, Lebanon
March 15th, 2009Tripoli, Lebanon
March 17th, 2009Baalbek, Lebanon
March 18th, 2009Damascus, Syria
March 20th, 2009Bosra, Syria
March 20th, 2009Amman, Jordan
March 22nd, 2009Dead Sea, Jordan
March 23rd, 2009Jerash, Jordan
March 24th, 2009Amman, Jordan
March 25th, 2009Wadi as Sir, Jordan
March 26th, 2009Jerusalem, Israel
March 29th, 2009Ramallah, Israel
March 30th, 2009Bethlehem, Israel
March 30th, 2009Jerusalem, Israel
April 2nd, 2009Tel Aviv, Israel
April 6th, 2009Akko, Israel
April 7th, 2009Haifa, Israel
April 8th, 2009Lehavot Habashan, Israel
April 10th, 2009Nazareth, Israel
April 11th, 2009Zippori, Israel
April 13th, 2009Azraq, Jordan
April 14th, 2009Madaba, Jordan
April 15th, 2009Karak, Jordan
April 15th, 2009Mazra, Jordan
April 16th, 2009Wadi Numeira, Jordan
April 17th, 2009Wadi Bin Hammad, Jordan
April 18th, 2009Wadi Weida, Jordan
April 19th, 2009Mazra, Jordan
April 21st, 2009Petra, Jordan
April 24th, 2009Wadi Rum, Jordan
April 26th, 2009Aqaba, Jordan
April 28th, 2009Nuweiba, Egypt
May 4th, 2009Dahab, Egypt
May 11th, 2009Dahab, Egypt
May 18th, 2009Dahab, Egypt
May 27th, 2009Al Tor, Egypt
June 3rd, 2009Cairo, Egypt
June 19th, 2009Aswan, Egypt
June 21st, 2009Abu Simbel, Egypt
June 24th, 2009Kom Ombo, Egypt
June 24th, 2009Edfu, Egypt
June 24th, 2009Luxor, Egypt
June 28th, 2009Alexandria, Egypt
June 29th, 2009Cairo, Egypt
July 2nd, 2009Moscow, Russia
July 4th, 2009Moscow, Russia
July 5th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 11th, 2009Sablino, Russia
July 12th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 15th, 2009Pushkin, Russia
July 16th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 18th, 2009Peterhof, Russia
July 18th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 19th, 2009Finski Bay, Russia
July 20th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 23rd, 2009Vyborg, Russia
July 24th, 2009Saint Petersburg, Russia
July 31st, 2009Helsinki, Finland
August 3rd, 2009Harrogate, England
August 4th, 2009Knaresborough, England
August 4th, 2009Ripon, England
August 4th, 2009Ripley, United Kingdom
August 5th, 2009Ripley, United Kingdom
August 5th, 2009Studley Royal, England
August 6th, 2009Leeds, England
August 6th, 2009Castleton, England
August 6th, 2009Manchester, England
August 7th, 2009Harrogate, England
August 8th, 2009Leeds, England
August 9th, 2009Headingley, United Kingdom
August 9th, 2009Menwith Hill, United Kingdom
August 10th, 2009York, England
August 11th, 2009Beamish, England
August 11th, 2009Durham, England
August 12th, 2009Helmsley, England
August 12th, 2009Hutton le Hole, England
August 12th, 2009Whitby, England
August 12th, 2009Robin Hoods Bay, United Kingdom
August 12th, 2009Whixley, England
August 13th, 2009Bolton Abbey, United Kingdom
August 14th, 2009Linton, United Kingdom
August 14th, 2009Kettlewell, England
August 14th, 2009Gayle, United Kingdom
August 14th, 2009Hawes, England
August 14th, 2009Middleham, England
August 14th, 2009Harrogate, England
August 16th, 2009Harewood, England
August 17th, 2009London, England
August 18th, 2009London, England
August 19th, 2009London, England
August 20th, 2009London, England
August 21st, 2009Harrogate, England
August 22nd, 2009Leeds, England
August 22nd, 2009Harrogate, England
August 24th, 2009Daqing, China