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Some of the terraced fields

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia)

We arrived in Panzhihua around 8.30am and found a bus waiting at the railway station, almost ready to depart for Lijiang. What a stroke of luck we thought as the hawker coaxed us over. He looked at me, looked at Julia, realised there were two people and said one. Hmmm, maybe his English wasn't good? I pointed at us both and said 2, he said 'no, one'. Expletives echoed in my head at our turn of misfortune as he pointed to another bus and said bus station. The bus station ended up as an hour journey across the town, which in itself was bad enough. However, the next lot of bad news arrived when we found out it was nearly a 3 hour wait for the next bus.

The end of 24 hours travelling... we were bored, ok!
A sandwich and argument helped pass the time as our tempers frayed!

Luckily, the bus journey from Panzhihua to Lijiang is one of the most beautiful i have ever had the privilege to experience. The journey was only a hundred and odd kilometres, but took 7 hours, as the bus snaked between, around, up and down, ever increasing sizes of mountains. Not only were the mountains something spectacular, but the terraced layers used for farming, was something i'd not seen since my time in Peru. A couple of the passes were breathtaking and heartstopping, with one in particular making those on the bus who had not done the trip before gasp in astonishment. As we reached the mountains summit, we were greeted by a huge basin, containing a town, encircled on all sides by towering mountains, it really was impressive.

As the sun began to set, we were just approaching Lijiang, the orange glow behind the mountains and lights from the town illuminating outwards, really was an impressive sight. Even though the journey had taken 7 hours, there was a strange feeling that i didn't want to to end!

portia says:
Wow! Sorry to hear all the trouble with the buses (it might help if you had a Chinese speaking friend along, but I am not 100% sure of that!). But the scenery sounds really enticing.
Posted on: Dec 25, 2006
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Some of the terraced fields
Some of the terraced fields
The end of 24 hours travelling... …
The end of 24 hours travelling...…
photo by: Deats