I hope McArthur never got his hair cut here!

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With McArthurs troops entering Red Beach!

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

We couldn't decided whether to go to a National Park near Tacloban or to Biliran Island a few hours away, so decided to do neither and went to visit a World War II site instead! We caught a jeepney out to Red Beach, which is where McArthur returned to the Philippines, to rid the country of the Japanese. Today there stands a monument just in front of the rocky beach, to commemorate the Allied soldiers who died, helping to liberate to country.

We spent a couple of hours at the beach, mainly sat in a restaurant and eating ice cream, as the beach itself was a little bit grubby and the weather a little bit moody. Eventually we decided to head back to the city to see if there was much more to see, which unfortunately there wasn't.

Julia and I at Red Beach
I therefore decided with some time to spare, it was probably a good opportunity to get a hair cut.

We soon came across a barber shop that was run by lady boys and after making sure they understood the hair cut i wanted, decided to give them a try. I explained i wanted it trimming on top and grade 2 around the back and sides and even attached the grade to the clippers, to make sure there was no misunderstanding. After a few minutes, everything was looking fairly normal, but then i felt warm metal on my neck. Having had a skin head when i was younger, it felt a familiar feeling, but i reassured myself that they were just tidying the hairline at the back of my head. As the clippers came further around to the side of my head, i actually realised that they had removed the grade 2 and were shaving the back and sides to the scalp.

Sporting a new look after the 'butchering'
I took the clippers off her and asked what she was doing. She assured me she was just 'finishing' the grade, in the process making me look like a complete tool. With little other option, i told them to do the rest of my hair like this, which amusingly they thought was really strange. Better that than look like a monk!

Newly streamlined, i headed back to the hotel to wash my hair, sorry, make that scalp and marvel at the wonders of Filipino hairdressing! When i asked reception for my room key, they didn't even recognise me and i had to assure them that it was the result of been 'butchered' by the hair dresser and not that i was trying to rob someones room! That evening, looking like a football hooligan, i accompanied my wonderfully supportive, sorry sarcastic and mocking girlfriend, for a lovely evening meal.

Deats says:
I reckon its even worse for women than men when a haircut goes wrong! It happened again in Bali by the way - unbelievable!!!
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
thenewextrememimi says:
I had my own foreign country bad haircut in an alley in Lima. I ended up with a lopsided shag gelled up on the sides -- kind of like a mullet with wings.
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
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With McArthurs troops entering Red…
With McArthurs troops entering Re…
Julia and I at Red Beach
Julia and I at Red Beach
Sporting a new look after the but…
Sporting a new look after the 'bu…
photo by: Deats