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Julia takes one of her legendary 'naps'

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia)

Back in Anshun around 20.00 on Tuesday night, we decided to try and book our onward tickets to Chongqing. With the phrase 'I want to go to Chongqing hard sleeper tomorrow' written down, we approached the counter with an air of confidence. The lady took the piece of paper, studied it, then wrote 3 phrases in Chinese. When we gestured we couldn't read Chinese, she smiled and passed the paper back to us. Next stop, information desk, this time with the phrase 'does anyone here speak English?'. A shake of the head and a look of confusion at the other piece of paper the first lady had written on. All hope was lost, so we headed for the bus station.

We wanted to spend the following day at a waterfall but the only bus available was 11.30am, so we decided to book it. After the man told us the time, the price, the bus etc, we got the money out to pay and he looked confused. After a few gestures we realised there were no tickets. With little other option, we traipsed back to the hotel, hoping fortune would favour us the following day.

We got up later than planned on the 3rd and made our way to Anshun's long distance bus station with the hope of making our way to Chongqing in stages, by local buses and train if necessary. First destination was Guiyan, 90 minutes away, from where to our surprise we scored an express bus straight to Chongqing, leaving in half an hour. It was a pretty rough ride due to major roadworks, but we were just relieved to arrive around 8.30pm.

Unfortunately we arrived in Chongqing somewhere on the outskirts and the ticket lady from our bus could not get us a taxi. The bus driver therefore pulled us back onto the bus and acted as our personal chaffeur across the city! 10 minutes later, we arrived at our hotel and he then helped Julia with her bags into the hotel, turned and walked away without asking for a thing. It was a remarkable show of generosity and we went to bed with a smile on our face.

Deats says:
Hi Josephine, we had loads more problems on our second trip to China in May 2008 with tickets, but i love the place nevertheless! Kind of made it interesting to go through god knows how many dates, times and locations before you got a ticket to somewhere that you didnt even want to go haha
Posted on: Nov 15, 2008
josephinedraper says:
hi deats, been working my way through your blog as we've covered some similar ground. This whole situation sounds so familiar, we went through the whole blank looks / failure to buy travel tickets thing in China so many times, we found belligerence tended to help, if you stand in front of them long enough sometimes an english speaker appears though by the end we tried to use buses as usually you could walk straight onto them without having to go through the whole "hard sleeper, shanghai, tomorrow?" followed by "mei you" situation which happened pretty much every time we tried to buy a rail ticket!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2008
mfmcp1982 says:
Ah I remember the long distance bus station in Chongqing - we thought we'd be able to walk from there to where the Yangtse Cruises left from. Ha! At least you got a good bus driver - ours was almost pulling away as we were still trying to get off it!
Posted on: May 04, 2008
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Julia takes one of her legendary …
Julia takes one of her legendary …
photo by: Jess_and_Johnny