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Writing my blog on the bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing

People I met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

There was only one thing on my mind when we arrived back into Beijing... fish and chips. An English couple in Busan had recommended an establishment called Fish Nation and ever since I'd arrived back into China, it had been in my peripheral thoughts that i really had to go and give them my seal of approval.

The subway took us to Beixinqiao station and from here it was a 15 minute walk through a pleasant little neighbourhood. We managed to somehow miss the street it was located on and had to double back, before finally stumbling upon it. There was no point in looking at the menu, we just ordered 2 lots of fish and chips, which cost 35RMB ($5) and some soft drinks, which were a bit overpriced at 12RMB ($1.

Julia pouring her coconut juice, with the Fish and Chips ready to be eaten!
70) for a can of coke.

Thankfully it didn't take too long for them to arrive, so there wasn't too much drool on the table to clean up. There was a huge portion of thickly cut chips and an average sized portion of cod, both of which tasted great, although obviously not as good as we make in England ;) Julia took the tartar sauce as an accompaniment, whilst i stuck to the traditional ketchup and plenty of salt and vinegar, marvelous! It didn't take too long to polish them off and we left the restaurant satisfied with both the food and the service.

It took nearly an hour to get back to our hostel, amidst the maddening crowds of pushing people on the subway. Both my camera memory cards were full, so i went onto the hostel computer to download the photos to CD. I was having some problems managing this and it was extremely slow.
Mao's Mausoleum
I tried to add some more photos to my folder, but it started flashing up Chinese warnings and i decided that it was better just to start again, rather than risking not having pictures burned, so i hit the delete...

Only a split second had passed before i began to wonder... did i hit delete for my camera or for the computer file? I quickly ripped the cable out of the computer and checked my cameras memory... from full it now had room for 243 photos... 'OH MOTHER FU**ER' or something to that effect came out of my mouth. I was panicked and didn't know what the hell to do. I began trying to check the photos to see what had gone, but at first i didn't think any had. Was my card really full? Yes, it had been, but i just didn't want to believe what I'd done.

Then i remembered that at least some of these photos had been put onto the PC, hadn't they? I fired through them and found the photos of Korea in the computer folder, that were no longer on my camera. I continued to scroll through and i think i pulled the cable out about 3 photos before it would have started wiping the ones off that i didn't have copied. I'll never really know if i did lose a picture or two, but god, it was better than losing 700!

The next two hours i proceeded with extreme caution to burn the CD's, still twitchy to hit any key that could end up causing tears to be shed! Julia managed to shower and freshen up in this time, but i didn't have that luxury, so left for Beijing West Train Station smelly and mentally exhausted. I was so stressed that for the second time in the day i nearly left my camera battery charging in the wall. This was a day of close escapes!

The 21.00 train to Hohhot was boarded with not much time to spare and having walked 25 minutes with our backpacks to reach the station from the subway stop, Julia's shower had pretty much been nullified and we were back to been stinkers together!

The hard sleeper carriages consist of bunk bed style beds, which go 3 high and face each other. So its like mini open cabins of 6 beds, with the aisle at the end. Our tickets were in the top berths, which i liked, as i knew nobody could steal my bag from up there, so i got a much more peaceful nights sleep.

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Writing my blog on the bullet trai…
Writing my blog on the bullet tra…
Julia pouring her coconut juice, w…
Julia pouring her coconut juice, …
Maos Mausoleum
Mao's Mausoleum
photo by: Deats