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Cool little tricycle, a Filipiino symbol

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip:

I was a little bit worried when i arrived into Legaspi that there would be no onward bus to Manila, or at least no tickets for one! It was therefore a great relief when i got to the bus station to score a ticket, even if it was right near the back of the bus. Once i had got this sorted, i was told that the nearest internet cafe was in a shopping mall, but it was too far to walk to and i would need to catch a tricycle. As i stood outside the station and flagged one down, a guy pulled over and i agreed to pay him 10 peso. Incredibly the mall was about a 5 minute walk away, i never get the Filipino mentality that everything is too far to walk - something left by the Americans possibly? Anyway, i go to pay the driver and he grins and just says 'no need, this is a private ride'.

Colourful jeepney, the coolest way to travel the Philippines!
Basically he had just pulled over and decided to give me a lift for his own amusement, which i thought was really funny and really nice.

After catching up online with Julia and having a quick bite to eat, i wandered back to the bus station and ran into plenty of friendly faces, which was so similar to the last time i was in Legaspi. Some kids posed for me on a street vendors stall and i enjoyed getting my final glimpses of the jeepneys and tricycles, which i had grown so fond of. I think they add a really colourful charm to the islands. Sadly, Mayon was shrouded in clouds, but at least i'd been given a great view of it from the airport. The bus journey took around 10 and a half hours to Manila, but i'd learned my lesson from my past experiences and had wrapped up warm, so as to avoid frostbite from the air conditioning!

portia says:
on the other hand, if you ever do get to Tibet though, watch out for "it is not far" from the Tibetan point of view! it could be 20 kms.
Posted on: Mar 26, 2008
JeAr says:
i'm the first to smile and comment on a very insightful entry, so i should get some credits when this blog gets featured :P
Posted on: Mar 12, 2008
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Cool little tricycle, a Filipiino …
Cool little tricycle, a Filipiino…
Colourful jeepney, the coolest way…
Colourful jeepney, the coolest wa…
Jeepney, the coolest way to travel…
Jeepney, the coolest way to trave…
5 local kids sit on a vendors cart
5 local kids sit on a vendors cart
Mount Mayon hides behind the clouds
Mount Mayon hides behind the clouds
photo by: issa005