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Mark, Al and Andrew enjoying the Korean barbeque

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Mark (Holland), Kevin (USA), Andrew (England), Al (Australia), Joon (South Korea)

When i first arrived into South Korea, my plan had been to spend 3 days in Seoul and get the hell out of there. As it turned out, i loved the city very much and kept extending my stay to see more things and hang out with the wonderful people that i was meeting. So when Mark, a Dutch guy staying in the hostel told me it was his birthday celebrations, i had no doubts that staying an extra night was the only sensible option! I rushed back from my daytrip in Suwon to be home for around 19.

Mark, Kevin and Andrew okaying some drinking game
30 and found Mark already raring to go, along with Brit Andrew and Aussie Al.

After wandering along Insadong for 20 minutes, we eventually came to a Korean barbeque restaurant that we liked the look of and decided to give it a crack. The order rang out for 3 slabs of beef, 4 beers and a huge bowl of makgeoli, a tangy yet tasty fermented rice wine. Added to this were all the free side dishes that always accompany such a meal such as lettuce, Korean pizza etc etc. The meal was excellent, the alcohol flowed freely and the conversation wasn't too bad either. It turned out that Al had already been to North Korea and was in the South for a quick look at the DMZ, so as to see it from the other perspective!

Our meal was finished around 22.00, at which point we came up with the plan of action that we would hit the local shop and stock up on some booze, before heading out into the town centre.

Mark, Kevin and Al watch Andrew flick the bottle lid, loser downs the shot...
 Three 1.5 litre bottles of Cass - including one 7% super strength one - and a bottle of Soju were purchased, to accompany Marks bottle of Glenfiddich. Back at the hostel an American guy called Kevin wandered in on the festivities and was looking to party hard, so had stumbled across the right place!

Within an hour the booze was all gone and Al had the decision of whether to make his midnight curfew at a different hostel, or just go on an all night bender. Both he and Mark had flights for the following day and they decided to stay the duration, whilst the rest of us were all up for just seeing where the night would take us. Venturing back out to the shop, we returned this time with three large bottles of super stregth Cass and three bottles of Soju. Back in the hostel and drinking games began, as Joon the receptionist came in to monitor the situation.

Mark and Kevin up to no good!

Andrew made it to bed around 01.00 as he had to be up the following day at 06.00 and after that point everything begins to get a little hazy. From piecing together the statements of those who were involved or saw what was happening, i have managed to put together the following story of the evening...

Some bright spark known as Deats decided that doing soju shots wasn't the way to get drunk, but if you mixed soju, glenfiddich and 7% lager together, now that will put hairs on your chest! Healthy measures were allegedly poured and a countdown was begun to get the stuff downed in one. The taste was supposedly so repulsive that upon hitting Al's stomach the contents of the night were projected from his mouth and across the kitchen walls. Birthday boy Mark somehow ended up asleep on the roof, but managed to make his way inside at 06.

Al looking a bit worse for wear
00 to sleep on the computer keyboard. Kevin managed to hold on to a plant and fall asleep in the hall, only to be carried to his bedroom, where he somehow managed to fall asleep in the bath - where he slept until 19.30. Myself, well i fell asleep on the keyboard next to Al, but somehow managed to drag myself to bed at some point during the night... Mark would later take my spot!

The following day was a bit of a blur as i was still terribly hung over and rather drunk. I ventured out of bed a couple of times but soon found my World spinning and headed straight back to safer grounds. Somewhere around 22.00, Kevin and I managed to make it to McDonalds to eat some food and get some much needed energy! The rest of the night was just spent in the hostel trying to think happy thoughts and not pass out.

Even though i still felt dreadful on Saturday, I decided that I really had to get out of Seoul and made it to the bus terminal to catch a bus to Sokcho. There was a bus leaving in 10 minutes that cost $25 and another leaving 2 and a half hours later that cost $14. I decided that i'd save some money and waited for the latter, i think the lack of movement was probably a good thing anyway!

Deats says:
Sylvia, thats possibly why i couldn't walk come to think of it... nothing to do with the drinks ;)

Sadly no-one was in a fit state to hold a camera after these shots were taken! We are currently emailing each other to put the pieces of the night together, but to no avail! Beijing watch out ;)
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
cmgervais says:
I really think we need to see photos of these Soju Festivities...
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
sylviandavid says:
Phil, Don't forget your advanced age.... Maybe Julia should bring you a cane!!!! Then when you are knee walking drunk you can help yourself up....hehe sylvia
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
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Mark, Al and Andrew enjoying the K…
Mark, Al and Andrew enjoying the …
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Mark and Kevin up to no good!
Mark and Kevin up to no good!
Al looking a bit worse for wear
Al looking a bit worse for wear
Al and Joon just before things got…
Al and Joon just before things go…
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