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People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia)

After a relatively comfortable sleeper sleeper bus from Lijiang to Kunming, we made our first priority obtaining our Vietnamese visas. 10 minutes in Camellia Hotel’s travel department and we were told there would be no problems in collecting our passports in only 3 working days (Friday). We headed back to Hump Hostel and decided that a quick nap was in order after such a tiresome morning.

Awake and refreshed we spent our first day visiting the East and West Pagoda’s and walking through the Muslim quarter. We briefly stopped for an ice cream in a park where all the pigeons seemed overly amorous, so we made a hasty retreat for the hostel!

The following day, I took Julia to the zoo, as she had never seen many creatures such as elephants before.

I wasn’t too sure that this would be the best environment in which to see such wonderful animals, but we went along anyway. The animals on display were extremely impressive, but some of the conditions in which they were kept were horrific. We saw sealions, penguins, sharks, rays, turtle (where Chinese people threw money at it and tried to land it on its back L), bears, elephants (some chained), monkeys, tigers, leopards, crocodiles (without water and in boxes smaller in length than they were), hippos, butterflys (many dead on the floor from people walking on them), but the coolest was a lion, who strolled over to the bars of its cage and urinated all over a group of Chinese tourists, to their obvious disbelief and anger! I tried not to follow suit and wet myself with laughter! After seeing the panda sanctuary in Chengdu, this was a real reversal and eye opener that animal welfare is really not high on China’s list.
I say this as it was voted as one of the elite zoos within the country!

Friday was a pretty lazy day, spent doing a bit of shopping and taking a trip to the wonderful Bamboo Temple. What made this temple so extraordinary were the 1000 carved figures gracing the temples. Crafted a little over a century ago, the figures are individually unique and capture bodily expressions wonderfully well. Supposedly the sculptor ‘disappeared’ upon completion of the figures, as some were a little too lifelike for some of the upper class, whom he had clearly modelled his figures on!

Deats says:
At least the lion took some revenge :) That was the only highlight to come from it all, pretty sickening really
Posted on: Apr 21, 2008
James1985 says:
you alreay know how i feel about this place,Wat a disgrace!
Posted on: Apr 20, 2008
portia says:
Too bad about the zoo animals. I love animals and hate to see them mistreated or unhappy. Would love to see photos of the Bamboo Temple!
Posted on: Jan 07, 2007
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