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People I met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

An idyllic sunset greeted our entry into Ismayilli, but the second we stepped off the marshrutka, Julia shattered the peaceful moment by vomiting everywhere! She'd been feeling car sick for much of the journey, but at least she'd managed to hold it off until we arrived. The town is home to 12,000 souls, 2 crappy hotels, some shabby grocery stalls and possibly the worst selection of 'cafes' on the face of this wonderful planet.

Our first mission was to check into Motel Talistan, which was like all Soviet style establishments: namely shit and over priced. After a short spell of bargaining we managed to get the price down to 25 Manat ($31.25) for 2 nights, which was good going as they originally wanted 16 Manat ($20) per night.

In most developing countries you would expect a pretty decent mid range place for this price, but in any former Soviet State, you are lucky if the room has four walls and a door that locks. In this instance we were shown to a room with a sink, two beds and a nice gas heater. The squat toilet was down the hall and the communal shower was cold water only, which really was pointless at this time of year. On the plus side, the guy gave us a kettle so we could wash in warm water and make tea and instant noodles.

Leaving the peeling wall paper behind us we went in search of a restaurant and internet cafe. The cafes we found all served some pretty shocking looking grub, which they claimed cost 3 Manat ($3.75), although you could see them eying us up before coming up with a price, to see how gullible they thought we were.
Oddly they also had no garnish, so you could eat a small cutlet on its own and that was it. Noodles and some cheese sandwiches sounded a far more appetizing solution to our hunger, which is saying something! Meanwhile the guy sat in front of his computer sniggered when we asked if we could go online, presumably there was some 'in joke' we were missing out on, but there definitely wasn't any connection today.

Back in our room we tucked into our scrumptious treats... and twiddled our thumbs about what to do with the rest of the evening. As it turned out our gas heater actually made our room relatively cozy, so we snuggled up and played a brick game (like tetris) that we had bought in Iran and then i tried to catch up with my blog, which sometimes feels like its becoming a full time job!

ak1215 says:
How are you?
Glad to see your journey!!
Seems you are home soon!
No matter what, please take care!!

Kang ^_^
Posted on: Nov 04, 2008
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