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People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia)

We awoke early on Saturday to catch a bus from Lijiang to Quiatou and the start of the Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek. After a 3 hour bus ride through some beautiful scenery, we eventually arrived at our destination. There was 1 Norwegian and 2 Chinese couples who were also beginning the trek with us, but other than that, we had this breathtaking part of the World to ourselves (oh and the locals J)

The first 2 hours of the trek saw a gentle rise in the gradient, with ever improving views of the gorge as we snaked around the first mountain in the gorge. We decided to stop at a wonderful little guesthouse called the Naxi Family Guesthouse for an excellent lunch and refreshments.

This proved a wise move as the next 2 hours incorporated the 28 bends, a grueling climb up to nearly 10,000ft. We reached the summit around 15.00 and the views were remarkable. We lingered for 20-30 minutes enjoying the warm weather and scenery before deciding it was time to move on.

The next 3 and a half hours was undulating terrain, although a piece of cake after the previous 2 hours! As the sun began to fade behind the mountains, the colours also began to change and wonderful shadows were cast throughout the gorge. We eventually reached Halfway Guesthouse around 19.00 having just met a Korean guy who had got lost, climbed up a sheer cliff face and was covered in dirt. He was so relieved to have re found the path, or it could have turned nasty to be stuck in such perilous conditions in the dark.

The Guesthouse appeared quite nice, until you spoke with the staff, who were extremely rude. They supplied us with towels covered in what was presumably rats faeces and begrudgingly changed them after a few raised voices on both sides. They also refused to open up their dorm room for the solo travelers, making them pay for a double room (i.e. 2 people!) In protest, we decided to eat some noodles and ham, rather than spend any money in their restaurant.

We awoke the following day around 9.00 and set off half an hour later. The views were again breathtaking and we passed through some pretty waterfalls and canyons. We eventually reached Tina’s guesthouse around 11.15, but decided to push on to Walnut Garden, recommended by Lousy Planet. Typically there was nothing to see of any interest there other than Sea’s guesthouse. We were planning on lunching here, but were met by an irate Aussie family, with nothing but bad things to say about the place. The previous night, their family (7 in all) had been forced to pay 3Y each just to sit by the fire! We decided that this wasn’t the kind of place for us and made the 45 minute walk back to Tina’s for lunch. We arranged our taxi back to Quiatou from here, realizing on the way back that the views from the top way surpassed those from the road. This was the icing on the cake, to know that all our efforts had so been worth it!

Deats says:
oh thats great news for nature lovers! When i went they were talking like it was a done deal!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
lee-81 says:
According to Wiki the plan to flood it has been scraped, lets hope so. It's somewhere i plan to go as it's very close to where my friend Max lives and I'll be able to pay him a visit.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
Deats says:
this place is awesome, my photos do it no justice to be honest They will flood it to make a damn soon, so make sure you go - see Lijiang the town you base yourself from - thats awesome! Yeah the story sounds about right!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
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Tiger Leaping Gorge
photo by: Stevie_Wes