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Julia at the main deserted French hotel/casino in Bokor National Park

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia), Niall (Ireland), Jill (Australia), Willis and Evelyn (Holland)

Julia and I had pre booked our taxi to Kampot from Sihanoukville, so as to avoid any problems haggling with the locals over price. What a pointless exercise this proved to be. For the dollar commission we paid, we got a pick up from our hostel, which took us to a taxi rank, where we were left to our own devices! Initially the driver wanted 8 people in a standard car, but after paying even more, we ended up with only 6! It turned out to be a bonding experience as Juliana and I squeezed in the back with Niall and Jill and left big Dutch Willis up front with the driver.

Abandoned Church at Bokor National Park
The journey took a little over 2 hours in the sweltering heat and by the time we arrived, all we wanted to do was sleep! At night we met up with the guys from the taxi and Willis' girlfriend Evelyn and had a nice rooftop dinner, before heading down to the riverside for a much needed nightcap.

The following day was an early start, as we packed 13 people in a pick up truck for a visit to Bokor National Park. The first stint on the truck only lasted 10 minutes, before we boarded a boat for an hour long trip down river. We were then ushered back onto the truck for what can only be described as 2 and a half hours of gruelling anal punishment! As the truck began its ascent into the park, the road rapidly deteriorated into a mix of tarmac islands, raised above rocks and dust, with the truck lucky to hit 15km an hour! After one of the first large bumps we hit, i began to feel a rather nice warm wet sensation on my foot, accompanied by a pleasant aroma.

Julia at Bokor National Park
 I soon realised this was our lunch, gradually seeping out of its container down my leg, not a great thing in a park infested by ants!

We eventually made it to our first stop in the park, a couple of French colonial buildings, abandoned after the Khmer Rouge took control of the country. After a quick look around these, we took a 30 minute walk to what used to be the grand hotel and casino. All the buildings were deserted long ago and there was a real ghost town feeling to the place.

After eating what was left of our lunch, we looked around the hotel, which offered views out to sea across the National Park. We then went and looked around a crumbling Catholic Church, before it was time to pad up our backsides and hold on tight! Going down was no easier than coming up and when we eventually made it back to kampot, it looked like a bunch of cowboy riders had just got off an epic gallop across the Mid West!

After a lengthy cold shower and lie down, we went out with the brave soles from our trip and reminisced on how we used to have firmer backsides. Some food and beers down by the river and an early night were required, the reason been, we had decided to take an 11 hour bus journey the following day, i swear i must be going mad!

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Julia at the main deserted French …
Julia at the main deserted French…
Abandoned Church at Bokor National…
Abandoned Church at Bokor Nationa…
Julia at Bokor National Park
Julia at Bokor National Park
On the river near to Kampot
On the river near to Kampot
Flowers in Bokor National Park
Flowers in Bokor National Park
One of the deserted French buildin…
One of the deserted French buildi…
Bokor National Park
Bokor National Park
photo by: asturjimmy