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People who contributed to and improved my trip: Hasan (Turkey)

I got back to Batman just in time to witness a beautiful sunset, which turned sections of the sky pink and reminded me of a sunset that i had seen in Boracay. I went to meet Hasan at his shop and after buying some rechargeable batteries from him, we caught a lift into the town centre, where we met up with his friend and fellow couchsurfer Veysi. The three of us went to get some chicken kebabs, before they took me to a tea house that was similar to an English working mens club. Groups of guys sat around playing cards and dominoes and the only difference was that they were drinking tea rather than beer.

Walking back to Hasan's house we called into a supermarket and i was disappointed that there was only Spiderman comics and no Batman ones - now whats that all about? Whilst we were in the store we came across an American and Australian couchsurfer who had stayed with Hasan once before and as Veysi had to head home, the four of us went back to Hasan's to play some backgammon and chill out.

Me on Hasan's rooftop with Batman in the background
The other two couchsurfers seemed a bit spaced out and it turned out that was because they were completely stoned. So now we even had cheech and chong with us, but no Robin or the Joker, i was starting to get annoyed!

The two guys left around 22.00 and Hasan and I tried to burn my photos to DVD, but halfway through, one of my memory cards just went blank. Luckily Hasan had a program on his computer to retrieve lost photos and it managed to restore all but six of the pictures, thank God! This all took quite a while though and it meant that we didn't make it to bed until 01.00.

On Thursday morning we had breakfast together and then i packed my bags and Hasan took me to get a minibus to the main terminal. My next destination was to be Superman, located 100kms West, who could have thought up that name? Well, actually i did! My real destination was to be the Kurdish stronghold of Diyabakir.

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Me on Hasans rooftop with Batman …
Me on Hasan's rooftop with Batman…
Hasan on his rooftop with Batman i…
Hasan on his rooftop with Batman …
photo by: Deats