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People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Emily (England)

After arriving at 8am completely knackered, we were greeted by a rather moody woman who told us she only had one very expensive room available, but as we were leaving, one for a fraction of the price was also free! We needed 2 cheap rooms anyway, so politely declined. The only other hotel we knew of was staffed by a cross dresser, had plastic sheets under the cover and was surely used by the hour. Still, it had air con and i wasn't in any mood to keep looking, so we thankfully dropped our bags and slept until 7 in the evening!

We eventually poked our heads out and found a decent little cafe for some grub, before finding a really quaint little bar for a drink. With our body clocks completely messed up, Julia and I spent most of the night watching cable and sweating on our lovely bed! Still, it beat sitting on a bus or a ferry!

The following day we were taken to a bus company to finally make our way to Tacloban. After asking many times if there was a bus and been assured that one was due shortly, we eventually got fed up after over an hour waiting so went to the main road to flag a tricycle down. Just as we did, the heavens opened and we were forced to go back to the shelter... it felt like an evil spirit wouldn't let us leave. After 2 hours, we eventually broke free and went to the company next door, who had assured us they had no buses and to sit where we had been, only to find a bus about to leave for Tacloban!!! We wondered how many buses had passed through and if they had been playing games with us all along.

The bus journey took 5 hours, in the usual overcrowded conditions, although i did enjoy listening to the chicken that was tied to a seat cock-a-doodle dooing at random intervals. Witnessing such bizarre things really does make you appreciate what a wierd and wonderful World we live in!

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photo by: LeoJay