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People who contributed to and improved my trip: Hasan (Turkey)

Once i got to Batman I was helpfully escorted by a local guy to the meeting place where i had arranged to meet my couchsurfing host, which was a nice little square that had a statue of Ataturk on it. Before i even had chance to put my bag down, i was surrounded by half a dozen Turks wanting to know who i was, where i was from and what the hell i was doing in Batman! At first it was a bit intimidating, but they were all nice enough and one of the guys even called Hasan to let him know that i had arrived.

I was a little confused when a Kurdish guy appeared and shook my hand, i was sure Hasan didn't look Kurdish from his profile photo. It turned out that this was actually his friend Mohammed, who he had sent to collect me, as he was busy in his shop. Mohammed showed me to Hasan's workplace, which is an electrical shop that he runs with his Dad and the occasional help of his younger brother. We sat talking and after getting acquainted went back to his house, which was located nearby.

Hasan's Mum cooked us a delicious Dinner that we ate in his room and then we played some backgammon and watched a couple of movies. It was nice to relax in his house after the last few days with my weird room mate, and before we turned the lights out i made sure that he wasn't going to be waking me up every hour or so, which he said he wouldn't and thankfully didn't!

Deats says:
Hahaha, maybe. In Turkey i really did get the feeling of community and family values. The hospitality was amazing too. Its funny how many people go to Turkey and love it and love the people - then go home and believe all the crap about Muslims that the tv is shouting at them - surely we should judge by the people we met?
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
almond72 says:
Great communal greeting service ! If only 'developed' countries learned to do this...
I suppose it does work in other ways too. If you turned out to be a real wanker, they might have called Hasan to ask if they could beat you up & dispose of you.
Posted on: Sep 02, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Yikes.... You did great with the group interrogation upon your arrival....The meal looks great. Sylvia
Posted on: Jul 08, 2009
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photo by: Deats