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Huge dog of one of my new drinking buddies

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: 3 friendly local Taiwanese nameless people!

I arrived into Taitung train station around midnight, unsure of how i could get into the centre, as the station was located a long way from the City. The train had emptied at the station and what taxis had been waiting were all snapped up and there was no sight of any public transport. I decided to start walking in the general direction of town and try and flag down a passing car. Having walked for 20 minutes and having had no luck, i decided to enter the garden of a house, where i could see two men sat with a very big dog!


I speak no Chinese and they spoke no English, and after surveying what stood in front of them, they broke into a smile and invited me to sit down with them. The dog began to slobber over me, as i had a glass of beer thrust into my hand. A toast was made to me in an incomprehensible tongue, at which point we all downed the drink in front of us and another glass was poured. It had been an incredibly long day and the last thing i needed was to get into a drinking contest with these guys, but i thought it was best to let it play its course!


In between toasts and chugging beer, i managed to communicate in sign language that i wanted to go to Taitung and this was met with thumbs up and smiles. I guessed they would call me a taxi when the beer ran out. A little while later a lady appeared who spoke some broken English and she showed me a postcard from England and in return i showed her the postcards that I'd collected from around the World. By 01.30, there were a stack of beer bottles on the table and the guys seemed to have had their fill. One of them stood up, called the dog and gestured to me and led me to his car outside. I'm normally not keen to be driven by someone who has been drinking, but i didn't have any other option and thankfully the streets were totally deserted.


Ten minutes later we arrived at Gringo Hostel in the centre of town, which was shuttered up, what now? It was once more lucky that the guy was with me as he found a man who gave him a phone number and some minutes later a security guard came to unlock the door. Warm handshakes were exchanged and i was eternally grateful that this person had taken a complete stranger under his wing, in the middle of the night and offered such help and friendship.


The following day i woke up a little bleary eyed and headed to the bus station to catch a ride up the East coast to Hualien. The bus wasn't due to leave for a couple of hours, so i grabbed some breakfast in KFC and went to use the internet. The journey along the coast was nice, although the weather was a little gloomy. I had hoped that we might stop at some tourist attractions along the way, but this unsurprisingly never materialised!

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Huge dog of one of my new drinking…
Huge dog of one of my new drinkin…
photo by: Deats