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Centre of Legazpi

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my experience: Julia (Russia), Emily (England)

After our thrills in Donsol with the Whale sharks, we took a 2 hour jeepney ride to Legazpi where we hoped to catch a connecting bus to Tacloban. We arrived around 2pm and were disappointed to discover there was no bus until 10pm. We therefore took refuge in the air conditioned shopping plaza, where i had the chance to eat some food and use the net.

We ventured out as the sun was setting to grab a beer and i saw a nice monument to take a photo of. BAM! It hit me, there was Mount Mayon, the active volcano in the distance.

Mt Mayon volcano
I grabbed my stuff and left the girls trailing as i raced through the city to try and get a picture, all the time the light was fading. Eventually it came to the make or break decision of entering what looked like a pretty shady neighbourhood or giving up... i'd gone too far, so in i went. Finally i got a pretty clear shot, but before i knew it i was been mobbed by a load of local children! Thankfully i managed to set up my tripod and get a picture, with the sun almost gone. The kids were fascinated by the camera as much as the westerner and were desperate for me to take a photo, who was i to refuse! Afterwards they were all scrambling to see themselves, giggling at what they looked like.

As i left the neighbourhood in darkness i was surprised at the friendliness of the residents as all the people were shouting out 'hey man' 'whats your name' and 'where are you going', which is actually pretty common in the Philippines, but reassuring nevertheless.

Some kids i met whilst taking the volcano pictures, very sweet.
Rather than feeling nervous i actually felt like staying for a beer, but i knew the girls would be fretting. I managed to find them again and after the initial ear bashing, they mellowed when they saw the pictures!

We grabbed a tricycle to take us to the bus stop... well it would be better described as a part of the road where you sit and try to wave a bus down! We befriended a Filipino lady who's husband worked for Philtranco bus company, so got the bad news in advance that the 10pm bus was full. She also gave us the slightly worrying information that Mt Mayon's peak does not usually glow like it was on this night. It looked really beautiful with the crater at the top shining amber in the darkness of the night. Still, she wasn't worried, so we just admired the sight. We eventually flagged another bus going south, that was so full there must have been at least 70 people on, with plenty standing. This bus dropped us at Matnog, from where we had to get the 1am ferry to Allen, again in cramped conditions. By 4.30am we had arrived at our next destination, having been awake nearly 24 hours.

We waited in Allen until nearly 6am for a bus, but nothing came, so we hopped on a jeepney for a 2 hour ride to the nearest town of Calbayog. I was pretty exhausted, but clearly not as much as Julia and Emily, who decided to do their own impersonations of nodding dogs onto my shoulder every few seconds, bouncing back up, then falling straight back to sleep. I'm pretty surpised i was able to carry my rucksack when we got off after the pounding my arms had taken! Around 8am we arrived as spots of light had begun flashing in my eyes and i felt on the verge of collapse. The worst thing is we were still some way from Tacloban, but it had to do!

SLC_DAS says:
My Favorite mountain in the world!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
Deats says:
Haha, yeah its not bad is it!
Posted on: May 08, 2008
yheleen says:
i love Mayon
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
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Centre of Legazpi
Centre of Legazpi
Mt Mayon volcano
Mt Mayon volcano
Some kids i met whilst taking the …
Some kids i met whilst taking the…
photo by: buddieshot