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Me at the biggest waterfall, located at Phasoume Resort

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia)

We set off for the Bolaven Plateau on Saturday, hiring a motorbike once again and hoping for better luck this time! After driving down a couple of streets, it was obvious that the steering on the bike was way off and we had to return it. The owner didn't seem surprised at all, so we went to a different shop and hired a much better bike, accompanied with 2 bright, shiny, purple helmets.

After around 45 minutes on the road, we came to our first stop at the Phasoume Resort. The site had 2 waterfalls, one quite impressive that reminded me of a mini Iguazu. We got to take a dip in the second one, as it was very secluded. As we dried off, we wandered around the ethnic village located there, which housed an impressive house, built around one tree trunk and used to house newly weds on their 'honeymoon'.

Me crossing a pictureaque bridge at Phasoume Resort
We also walked over a pretty cool bridge and saw a miserable looking elephant that they were trying to sell rides on. We politely delined.

Back on the bike, we continued the rest of the 85km journey to Tad Lo along surprisingly flat roads. We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into a rustic bungalow, before taking a look at the tiered Tad Lo falls. Although only 10 metres high, it was quite wide and the location was stunning, disecting the small community. We sat in a river front restaurant and enjoyed the sunset over a beer Lao and steak. That evening we relaxed in our home made hammocks outside our hut and went for a beer and game of cards by the river. It was a great way to unwind and the perfect ending to our first day.

The following day we went for a 90 minute ride into the mountains, looking for more waterfalls, but settling for some beautiful scenery.

Me at Tad Yuang
On our way back to Tad Lo, we stumbled across a waterfall only half a mile from where we had begun. It was quite pretty to view it from the top, but we couldn't stay long as we were pushed for time. We had some lunch in the restaurant from the previous night and watched a local fisherman plying his trade, before getting back on the road again.

We did a loop back to Pakse, taking 2 different roads and thus coming across 2 more waterfalls. Both were situated near the town of Paksong and around 15km before we arrived it started to drizzle, making me more nervous than normal about been on the bike. Thankfully the heavy rain held off, but I then realised we were almost out of petrol! We fortunately stuttered into the town and filled up, before visiting Tad Yuang and Tad Fan waterfalls.

Tad Fan waterfall

Tad Yuang was reached down a small path and the views were enhanced by a constant rainbow, created from the spray of the water. We stayed there admiring its natural beauty for half an hour before visiting Tad Fan. We viewed this 120 metre high waterfall from a distance, to give us a better perspective. It is actually 2 rivers flowing out of almost the same place, creating a beautiful dual effect. We headed back to Pakse before nightfall having spent a really peaceful, relaxing and scenic 2 days on the Bolaven Plateau

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Me at the biggest waterfall, locat…
Me at the biggest waterfall, loca…
Me crossing a pictureaque bridge a…
Me crossing a pictureaque bridge …
Me at Tad Yuang
Me at Tad Yuang
Tad Fan waterfall
Tad Fan waterfall
The second waterfall, located at P…
The second waterfall, located at …
Interesting marital house at Phaso…
Interesting marital house at Phas…
Tad Lo falls
Tad Lo falls
Waterfall just upstream from Tad L…
Waterfall just upstream from Tad …
A local man fishing at Tad Lo
A local man fishing at Tad Lo
photo by: Deats