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Egret decides flying will be quicker

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Hannes (Sweden)

We arrived at Uncle Tans around midday on Monday to register for his jungle tour and have our lunch. After fannying around for a couple of hours, the tour eventually got under way, as we were driven an hour east of Sandakan, from where we hopped on a motorised boat to take us into the 'jungle'. The first thing that became apparent was that the trees skirting the river really didn't represent what could be defined as a jungle. This was due to the excessive deforestation, which has sadly reduced Borneo's wilderness to tatters in some areas.

Our one and a half hour journey down river, was however very interesting, and we managed to see some wonderful animals.

Probiscous Monkey shouts to his mate
First up was the snow white egrets, followed soon after by a large group of Probiscous Monkeys, or as Julia likes to call them 'penis nosed monkeys'! If only she had discovered and named them :) Further down stream we came across several groups of long tailed macaques and a herd of Water Buffalo. Unfortunately we had a really annoying American couple on the boat who were coming out with pearls of wisdom such as 'Water Buffalo are only found in Africa', 'The Galapagos Islands are going to close' etc etc. Thankfully we encountered plenty more Probiscous Monkeys and Macaques to entertain myself and not draw into question their intellect.

Once at the jetty, we donned some gum boots and walked 400m through swampy forest to our camp ground. Our accomodation was 3 double matresses on the floor, in each of the huts, all coming with mosquito netting.

Probiscous Monkey checks out behind him
When i tried to grab a cold shower i found there were no showers, so took a wonderful bucket shower. I need not have bothered as the humidity was so intense that i was sweating again, from just drying myself!

We had a 30 minute meeting before dinner, which basically was introducing every member of staff and shaking their hand. It was quite funny at first, but soon became very tiresome as everyone was pretty hungry. After dinner we gathered to do an evening cruise down the river. We managed to spot some sleeping Probiscous Monkeys, Macaques and a King Fisher, but nothing too exceptional. We hit the hay around 10.30pm, pleased with all the wildlife we had seen, if not a little disappointed with the 'jungle' itself.

Deats says:
Its a big country with a lot of people, there are bound to be some 'tools'. I like you guys on the whole, but get the rope and duct tape ready soon :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
Amanda says:
God... some of my fellow countrymen you've met on the trip are SO embarrasing! By the end of this you won't even want to meet me! Andi and I better pick up the pace on the kidnapping!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
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Egret decides flying will be quick…
Egret decides flying will be quic…
Probiscous Monkey shouts to his ma…
Probiscous Monkey shouts to his m…
Probiscous Monkey checks out behin…
Probiscous Monkey checks out behi…
Egret hoping for a ride in the can…
Egret hoping for a ride in the ca…
Water buffalo look on inquisitively
Water buffalo look on inquisitively
Probiscous Monkey
Probiscous Monkey
Its rude to turn your backs...
Its rude to turn your backs...
Probiscous Monkeys
Probiscous Monkeys
Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey
View of Sungai Kinabatangan river …
View of Sungai Kinabatangan river…
Wild Pig enters our camp site
Wild Pig enters our camp site
Kingfisher spotted on our night cr…
Kingfisher spotted on our night c…
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