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Local transport gallops through Sape

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Markus (Finland)

After our ferry from Lombok across to the island of Sumbawa, the 3 of us found it hard to catch a connecting bus to take us across the island and only managed to do so after 3 hours of waiting. Shortly after after setting off, Julia began to feel really sick and was soon vomiting in a bag. Eventually she managed to fall asleep for a bit and around 4.30am we arrived into the town of Bima, which wasn't actually where we wanted to be! After another hours wait, another bemo took us to the port of Sape, which took around 90 minutes.

The town shipbuilders

Julia was really worse for wear by the time the bemo arrived, and there was no way that she was going to cope with an 8 hour ferry journey, so Markus set off on his own and i found us the nicest air con room that was available. A really nice local guy got chatting with us and took me over to a pharmacy where he explained to the woman how Julia was feeling and picked out some medicine to help. The rest of the day was spent in our room sleeping and reading.

The following day Julia was feeling slightly better, so we got up at 6am to catch the 7am ferry, only to find that the ferry on a Tuesday left at 4pm! Exhausted and annoyed, we went back to our room and managed to crash out until midday. There was only one real restaurant by the ferry terminal, so we holed ourselves up there for 4 hours, eating and drinking, whilst i tought Julia how to play Poker.

Our ferry didnt leave until 6pm in the end, but i was pleased that we had grabbed ourselves some decent seats to lie down on, as it was such a long trip. It therefore came as quite a surprise, when several hours into the trip, i felt someone push my feet of the bench, not so as they could sit there, but so as they could lie down and put their own feet there! To add to my misery, two young adults were walking around and i saw them stealing one mans food who was sleeping, so i was unable to sleep for the fear that they would probably steal something from one of our bags. By the time the ferry reached Labuanbajo at 3.30am, i was exhausted and desperately in need of some sleep.

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Local transport gallops through Sa…
Local transport gallops through S…
The town shipbuilders
The town shipbuilders
photo by: adeliasryn