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Karan with his glass of "Boza"

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Rasim and Karan (Turkey)

I had a busy evening in Isparta lined up, with two scheduled meetings, one with couchsurfer Karan and the other with Rasim, who was hosting me. But these plans soon fell into disarray as Karan and I ended up waiting at different bus stations for each other. After a quick phone call we decided that it would be easier to just meet in the centre, but then there wasn't a bus for ages, making our meeting an hour later than originally planned.

Just after 18.00 we finally met and went out for Dinner in a small cafe that served some very tasty gozleme, which is the Turkish equivalent of a pancake. Karan had only moved to Isparta five months ago and told me that he didn't know too many places to go in town, but his first choice had been good and his second was even better.

Rasim and I
He took me to drink tea and play backgammon in a very hip cafe, which was frequented by plenty of stylish students. I really enjoy such places, although looking like the dirty backpacker that i am, i always feel under dressed, but its not like i can carry a whole wardrobe around with me.

At 19.30 we gave Rasim a call and he came to meet us, but then went off to play pool for an hour, whilst we remained in the cafe to chat some more. Karan was keen for me to try a traditional Turkish drink, but as the cafe didn't have it, we went to a small hole in the wall establishment to try it. Now i am not sure what it was called, but it consisted of a slightly tangy yellow liquid that had brown powder on the top, which may or may not have been cinnamon!. Not really a good description, so look at the photo and you can see what it looked like at least!

When Rasim returned to the cafe we talked a little longer before saying goodbye to Karan and returning home. Karan was a very likable guy and had been great company for the few hours that i had known him, so it was a shame to say adios so soon after meeting. Under other circumstances i would have probably remained in town a day or two more to hang out with him, but i had arranged to meet a guy in Afyon the following day and also had to stick to a rough schedule to get back to Istanbul in time to meet Julia.

Back at home i had the crappy task of hand washing some clothes and sewing up my trousers, which made me feel like a house wife. I guess doing thankless tasks like these make me realise that maybe Mums don't have such an easy life. As a reward for my hard work i drank a couple of Efes whilst watching a movie with Rasim and didn't get to bed until nearly 03.00.

On Friday the weather was pretty dreadful, so i spent the morning hanging out in the flat with Rasim, who made breakfast for us. At 12.30 i decided to venture out into the drizzle and walked down to the bus station. For the first time in Isparta i managed to get a ticket for the right bus and somehow didn't get screwed over. It was a pleasant feeling and one which i wish that i had experienced more often in town.

mybu84 says:
after this blog i was expecting to see a wahing line and you with your sleeves up:):)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
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Karan with his glass of Boza
Karan with his glass of "Boza"
Rasim and I
Rasim and I
photo by: Deats