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White Beach

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Hannes (Sweden)

I had wanted to come to Puerto Galera since we landed in the Philippines and we arrived with excitement. We managed to find a fantastic hotel 50m from the sea, kitted out with kitchen, bathroom and cable TV, all for only $8. Once we had dropped our bags off, we decided to find somewhere to eat, but this really turned into a struggle. Every restaurant wanted twice as much for food as we had paid anywhere else in the Philippines and in the end we decided it would be best to buy our own and cook at home. My second disappointment came when i enquired in each dive shop as to prices and what we could see on our dives. Not only was i quoted high prices, but nobody sold any of the dive sites very well.

Hannes fighting a losing battle
One instructor even told me that most of the corals had been destroyed in 2 typhoons at the turn of the year, and i became apathetic to wanting to splash out a load of cash on average diving. I guess i had become spoilt with the quality i had previously experienced.

Back at home and Julia was in her element, really enjoying doing some cooking for the first time in months. She whipped us up a decent spaghetti dish and we washed it down with a couple of san miguels and a quiet night in front of the TV.

The following day we caught a jeepney and then tricycle to White Beach, situated around 15km from where we were staying in Sabang. Although it shares the same name with the immaculate White Beach in Boracay, that is where the similarities end! The beach wasn't pure sand and in some areas there were not only stones to contend with, but also broken bottles and rubbish.

The mystical powers of San Miguel
Julia decided to go into the water to cool off, but soon came out as condoms amongst other things, floated past her in the water. We decided to have some food in a restaurant on the beach, which proved pretty good value for the region, but this was the only positive thing to come from the area.

Back at our room, we met up with Hannes and did some food shopping as Julia was keen to cook for us again. We had spaghetti with chicken and once we had opened the beers, i figured Hannes would not be able to concentrate too well, so gave him a beating at Chess! Later on Julia rustled up some fantastic thick cut chips (fries), which we snacked on whilst pitting our wits at Ludo!

Thursday we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs and i was still playing with the idea of heading to Coron, to go and dive some WWII Japanese shipwrecks.

grrrr, johnny depp eat your heart out!
I put this idea to bed when i found out that the 12 hour ferry journey cost $80 return and i would only get 1 night on the island, as there was only a weekly ferry returning to Manila. We therefore wandered around the headland and did some sunbathing, before we made our way back to our rooms.

That evening, with all plans now scrapped, we decided to let our hair down a bit. Julia pulled on her pinny and was soon cooking up lashings of mashed potato with some fried chicken with tomatoes and onion. It tasted great and was complemented by that wonderful amber nectar known as San Miguel! As the night passed by, i once again gave Hannes and Julia a good pasting at Ludo before it was time to visit the shops with Hannes, for some more beers.

How could you not drink it, it was the only way i could develop 'true Filipino friendships'!
I was pretty horrified to find that every woman we passed seemed to be offering us a 'massage', or asking if she could come for a drink with us etc etc. Hannes seemed to show more interest in the local dogs, which left me trying to explain to a trasvestite what my friend was doing lying on the beach with animals! We stayed up until the sun rose and crawled inside to our beds, with the knowledge we wouldn't be leaving the following day!

We spent Saturday very close to our rooms, mainly in bed watching TV and occassionally venturing out to a burger stand for some food and cold drinks. The day was pretty much written off, but we got up on Saturday and caught the ferry to Batangas and then the bus to Manila, so we could be there in time for Saturday night and wine appreciation night at Friendlys Guest House - Hurrah!

crazychictraveller says:
sad to hear this and that's the said part if you go to Galera during peak season (summer here) where all prices goes up. next time, try to check the batangas (mabini/anilao) for diving.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2011
geek_goddess_jolie says:
Oh my, too bad you weren't able to enjoy the nice diving spots! I'm sure they could've at least shown you great places to snorkel.

Yeah, food does tend to be more expensive since everything's touristy and all...but I think it shouldn't be more then $4 for a decent meal.
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
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White Beach
White Beach
Hannes fighting a losing battle
Hannes fighting a losing battle
The mystical powers of San Miguel
The mystical powers of San Miguel
grrrr, johnny depp eat your heart …
grrrr, johnny depp eat your heart…
How could you not drink it, it was…
How could you not drink it, it wa…
Beer o clock!
Beer o' clock!
Hannes gets put out to the dogs
Hannes gets put out to the dogs
Julia wont appreciate this one bee…
Julia wont appreciate this one be…
The two pirates assess the storm
The two pirates assess the storm
Puerto Galera
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