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People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Markus (Finland), Hannes (Sweden)

On Tuesday we took a hotel taxi out to the airport in Maumere and the driver tried to drive off without giving us our change, but thankfully we stopped him from taking about 3 times the actual fare! The airport seemed pretty quiet when we arrived and they had not even turned on the baggage scanner as we entered. When checking our bags, never once were we asked to show any form of ID. These 2 factors coupled together would normally concern me, but add onto this that it was 9/11 and i wasn't thrilled to say the least. Ive never come across such a stupid system where anyone can check any bag without it been scanned first and also never have to show any ID. God only knows how there have not been more incidents occurring on these flights. Saying that, its not uncommon for a few flights a year to just 'disappear' in Indonesia and still no improvements are made to security! 

The flight down to Kupang was thankfully one of the quickest i have ever been on and no sooner had we reached a decent altitude than we were descending to land again. I was pleased to collect my bags and get the hell away from the airport. Sharing a taxi seemed the best way to get into town, but when the taxi rank started increasing their price as we had luggage... yes luggage is extra in a taxi supposedly!!! then i said id rather walk a kilometre to the main road and flag a bemo down. 500m down the road and with 20,000Rp knocked off the original price of 60,000Rp, Hannes and Markus buckled and took the taxi. Julia and I stuck to our principles of not giving the cheats any of our money and walked the remaining 500m, where a bemo took us to our hotel for 3,000Rp each!

It took longer than expected to find a hotel though, as all were fully booked up or completely disgusting. Markus and I eventually managed to find a small guesthouse called Lavalon, tucked down a small alley, which had ok rooms and were actually much cheaper than anywhere we had previously looked. Once settled we booked our minibus tickets for the following day and took a bemo ride out of town to visit KFC! We figured we deserved a treat, although we managed to find the worst KFC in the World. Not only did they not have any soda taps, but they served flat, warm bottled drinks into cups, the fries were plastic and cold and the only saving grace was that the burgers had only been sitting half an hour or so by the time they were saved. MMMM yummy! Ah well, you win some you lose some i guess. We caught the bemo back into town and after watching a DVD on Markus' player turned in for the night.

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photo by: putri_kirana