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Boy in traditional Islamic clothing looking out of the back of the train

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

Our trusty Lonely Planet informed us that the train station in Sungai Kolok was only a few hundred metres from the immigration office, so once stamped into Thailand we foolishly declined the offer of a tuk tuk ride and kept our money in our pockets. 20 minutes later with sweat dripping off us and swearing that i was going to start a bonfire with my trusty guide book, the train station was reached! The first train to Hat Yai was full, but when i looked at my watch, the next train was due in just under 2 hours. After buying a ticket and sitting down, i looked up at the station clock and to my horror realised that there was a 1 hour time difference and we were actually going to have to wait for 3 hours.

View from the back of the train
If i had realised this before, then we could have gone by minivan, oh well!

The wait was kept interetsing by a huge group of women, army officers and monks, some of whom were keen to be in photos with Julia, whilst i skulked off, looking like death after only a few hours sleep! As our departure time neared, a big train pulled into the station and i was sure that this would be ours. After all, the station was tiny and this was the only train! We moved our bags near to a carriage entrance and sat and waited whilst the train was cleaned. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... i began to think something must be wrong as there seemed no rush to clean the train and it should have left 15 minutes earlier. I wandered up to the ticket office and to to my surprise found another train on the opposite side that was completely packed.

Dinner.... no, really!
"Hat Yai?" was greeted with a puzzled smile and a nod and i turned and ran back to Julia to grab all the stuff. Literally the second we got onto the train it pulled away and although i was greatful that we had caught it, i was slightly miffed that after waiting for 3 hours, there were no seats left!

The journey to Hat Yai took around 4 hours and as it turned out, i quite enjoyed sitting on the back step of the train and watching the countryside whizz by. There were plenty of stops along the way in tiny stations and many strange looks when they saw some westerner with his legs dangling off the back as it pulled away :)

Having found a hotel and booked a minivan on to Krabi for the following day, we bumped into an English girl called Rebecca and 2 German guys and went to the night market with them for some food.

Eating critters in the night market
It was really good, with plenty of cheap food to pick and choose from. There was sausages wrapped in pancakes, small fried eggs, noodles and pork and many dishes i can't even begin to explain. The German guys decided that they just had to try the fried bugs and stupidly i agreed to tuck into a couple of them too. The original taste was a bit rank, but manageable, but it was the after taste that really got me and made me want to vomit! Anyone that thinks this food tastes like chicken is eating some pretty wierd chickens!

A couple of chang beers were calling our name back at the hostel bar and it was a real treat to be buying cheap beer again! It was limited to just a couple though as it was a very early start the next day, but it gave me enough time to give Julia a good thrashing at poker and ludo - although i'm sure she'll remember differently - i.e maybe she won... but its my blog and i'm the story teller :)))

almond72 says:
It really depends how well deep fried & cleaned the critters were. You probably tasted bug shit with your 'snakcs' ha ha ha ha ha ha
Posted on: Jul 24, 2009
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Boy in traditional Islamic clothin…
Boy in traditional Islamic clothi…
View from the back of the train
View from the back of the train
Dinner.... no, really!
Dinner.... no, really!
Eating critters in the night market
Eating critters in the night market
Hat Yai
photo by: machupicchu26