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The Rafflesia, rumoured to be the largest flower in the World

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Hannes (Sweden), David and Emilie (Australia)

Julia, Hannes and I met up with David and Emilie in Poring Hot Springs, desperate for a bit of rest and relaxation after the gruelling Mt Kinabalu trek. Unfortunately neither was in abundance here. First problem was that the only hot springs full, had a warning sign next to them of an egg boiling. We decided that we had not come to literally be cooked, so we had a look around at our other options. The first was to wait for a tub to fill up from a pretty slow tap. We figured this would take about an hour and even when full, would only go waist deep at the very best. Our final option was the communal cold spring that was full of 2 annoying species, the first been dead flies and the second been living children.

Praying Mantis stares me out
We sat in there for maybe 5 minutes, before we were all pretty fed up and decided to call it a day.

We said our goodbyes to David and Emilie who were catching an earlier bus to Sandakan and left Hannes lying on a bench in the park, feeling pretty ill. Julia and I then went in search of the Rafflesia flower, rumoured to be the largest in the World. The plant only has a life span of around 5 days and grows inside a host until springing into bloom. The flower that we managed to see was in its 6th day and had therefore lost some of its colour. Still, it was an impressive sight and saved us from paying ludicrous guide fees and national park entry fees elsewhere in the country.

After a spot of lunch we met up with Hannes again and caught a taxi to Ranau so as we could catch a connecting bus to Sandakan.

The praying mantis struts its stuff :)
We had an hour to wait so passed the time over a game of Ludo and watching a praying mantis, who came to give me a fight. I prefered to take pictures, which seemed to incense the little critter even more. Eventually the bus arrived and 4 hours later we had arrived in Sandakan.

We checked into a great hotel called Hotel London and met up with David and Emilie on the rooftop terrace. The 5 of us went out for an evening meal, strolling the streets like John Wayne. It really did make me wonder what the locals must think of westerners, all of whom are turning up with sore and aching muscles, unable to walk in a straight line. We found a decent little restaurant by the water front and after my first beer in nearly 2 weeks, headed back to the hotel for an early night, with the luxuries of air conditioning and hot water.

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The Rafflesia, rumoured to be the …
The Rafflesia, rumoured to be the…
Praying Mantis stares me out
Praying Mantis stares me out
The praying mantis struts its stuf…
The praying mantis struts its stu…
Me with the Rafflesia
Me with the Rafflesia
Mantis vs finger, seconds out, rou…
Mantis vs finger, seconds out, ro…
photo by: mpope9