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People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Betul and Rasim (Turkey)

When i arrived into Isparta i went and found a phone to call Betul, my couchsurfing host. I didn't have a map of the City, or any real information about where i was, or how to get anywhere, so i was at the mercy of the Gods... oh and Betul. I was told that the best option was to catch a bus into the centre and we agreed to meet in front of the Isparta hotel, which was located near the main square. There was a bus that ran between the terminal and hotel, so i got onto this and with sign language and a few words, explained to the driver that I needed to be told when to get off.

I sat in a seat where the driver could see me in his mirrors and i saw him look at me several times throughout the journey, so i was confident that he would give me a shout when we arrived. I was therefore a bit shocked to find myself back at the terminal half an hour later! Everyone else got off the bus and i went down to the front to shrug my shoulders and say Isparta Hotel. He knew what i meant and gestured that he would tell me on our next loop of town.

After waiting another 15 minutes for the bus to depart, we finally set off, but this time took a different route, which went way out into the suburbs. We reached the centre half an hour later and i don't think he was going to tell me again, but i went down the bus to ask him if this was the stop, and he nodded and signaled where the hotel was. Clown.

It was nearly two hours since i had arrived into Isparta, so i wasn't too surprised to find that Betul was no longer waiting for me. I gave her a call and she told me that she had just arrived home, but would come back and pick me up. I felt rather guilty as her grandma had been stood waiting with her, but there wasn't anything that i could have done without having a mobile phone.

We walked back to her apartment, which took about 10 minutes and her grandma cooked me some food. Soon her friend Mustafa turned up, and it would be with him that i would stay, as Betul's family were arriving from Bursa in the evening. When her Mum, brother and sister came, Mustafa and I left for his house, where i got to take a much needed shower. A little later Mustafa's house mate Rasim turned up and we spent the evening drinking an Efes and talking about History, which Rasim had an incredible passion for.

Deats says:
:) Yeah, things which suck at the time are normally the things that you laugh about most afterwards. All part of the experience - and without bad, good means nothing
Posted on: Feb 01, 2009
vila says:
Those busdrivers!!! I hope that today you can laugh about it. I did.
Posted on: Feb 01, 2009
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photo by: Deats