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People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

Aqaba had always been a destination within Jordan that i had been interested in visiting. The thought of long stretches of sandy beach, with ample opportunities to dive and snorkel sounded oh so appealing. Thus, i was a little taken aback by the dirty town and grotty shoreline that greeted our arrival.

We checked into Jerusalem Hotel, which cost 8JD ($11.50) for a grubby double with outside bathroom, although its redeeming feature was the excellent views from our bedroom window. Across the water we could see the Israeli town of Eilat and also Egypt and we were only 15kms from Saudi Arabia, which Julia wasn't all too pleased about.

We set off to explore the ugly aging concrete edifices, which make up the centre of the City and stopped off for some pastries along the way.
A small pier at Aqaba - Jordan, with Eilat - Israel in the background
There were a few so called tourist attractions near the water front, but these 'ruins' didn't even warrant a photo, so i don't really see what i can write about them! Within an hour of arriving, i was feeling thoroughly depressed and began to wish that we had just taken the night ferry to Egypt.

We spent the remainder of the day idly wandering around and using the internet for some time. In the evening we decided to go to McDonalds, but Ronald no longer has the desired effect on me or my stomach. Oh how i long for some good fish and chips!

On Monday we had the hotel receptionist banging on our door at 11.00, telling us that check out was right that second and not at midday as we had expected. Normally we would have woken earlier, but the prospect of another day in Aqaba was kind of off putting.
Thus we had to leave the hotel without getting our much looked forward to cold shower....

We took our bags and went and sat in a park for the rest of a day, which would have been nice, if it wasn't for the children who were killing birds with slingshots. I could only watch for so long before i chased them away, but then they went and got some deranged adult to come and gesture that they weren't doing anything wrong, which pissed me off even more.

Around 17.00 we caught a minivan to a stretch of beach to the South of the City, which was littered with broken glass, a few Western women in bikinis, Muslim women in hejabs and oil tankers just offshore. It was such a natural setting, i could have mistaken it for Hawaii. As the sun set, we walked to the ferry terminal to catch the 00.00 ferry, which actually didn't leave until 03.00 and rather than taking four hours like promised, we actualy got to Nuweiba nearer to 09.00.

It had been a crappy ending to Jordan, and in general i found the people in the South far less friendly than those in the North and the centre of the country. A bit like England really ;)
Deats says:
We took the cheap ferry and it was $60, the faster ferry is $70, and leaves in the daytime, but im not sure you can take a car on the fast one? I think a car should be at least a few hundred dollars to transfer + the $60 per person. There is a ferry website, but last time i checked, it wasnt working. Google should bring up the address :)
Posted on: May 05, 2009
Deats says:
I took the ferry to Egypt, as walking on water really isn't something i have mastered yet ;) Its the only way to go from Jordan to Egypt, and yes you can take a car on the boat, but i dont know how much that would cost. It was $60 per person. There is a land border between Israel and Egypt, but if you have the Israel stamp in your passport then you will be forbidden entry to Syria and Lebanon, and im not even sure you can go to Israel as a Turkish citizen? I think traveling by car is a good idea, especially in Jordan, where the roads are pretty good. Syria is a bit more hair raising, but then again Turkish drivers arent so good either ;) Hope this helps a bit and you are enjoying life in Istanbul! Take care my friend and happy planning!
Posted on: May 05, 2009
vodkaphix says:
I won't bother going there then if its like England! lol
Nice blog!
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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A small pier at Aqaba - Jordan, wi…
A small pier at Aqaba - Jordan, w…
A pebbly beach at Aqaba - Jordan, …
A pebbly beach at Aqaba - Jordan,…
A pebbly beach at Aqaba - Jordan, …
A pebbly beach at Aqaba - Jordan,…
A photo taken from the shore at Aq…
A photo taken from the shore at A…
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