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We didn't like the look of our ship...

People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Julia (Russia)

We planned to travel from Moalboal to Boracay on Wednesday and on paper it seemed like a good idea. In practice it was wishful thinking. We started the day catching a tricycle, then a bus, then a boat, then a tricycle, then a bus, then a bicycle, then a bus, then a jeepney, then a bicycle and finally a boat that got us to the port of Dumangas, which we had been told was essentially Iloilo. We arrived into Dumangas at 9.30pm and it shocked us to see that there were no lights as far as the eye could see, where could Iloilo be hiding!? We asked the ticket seller and he informed us it was 25km away, oh dear.

Julia leaving our 5 star digs
The natural question was how could we get there and we were relieved to be told that we could catch a tricycle to a village 9km away and then a jeepney. 'OK, where can we catch the tricycle from' i asked? 'Here' was the answer, followed by 'they begin to turn up around 4.30am'. I heard a sickening thud as my jaw hit the floor and heart sank.

We sat on our bags clueless as to what we should do. Eventually we decided to buy a ticket for the ferry that was returning back to Bacolod and we figured that we could be in bed by 1am. Surely better than a night in the port, but also meaning we would have to set off extra early the following day. The ticket seller took pity on us when he heard what we were going to do and told us to wait for the ferry to leave as he knew of somewhere we may be able to stay. As the ferry pulled out, he locked up his office and i jumped on the back of his motorbike, as he took me a couple of kilometres down the road to a set of unlit wooden 'bungalows'. After some shouting a woman eventually emerged and showed me to their spare hut. It had no electricity, no water, no lock, huge gaps in the wall and a rickety bed. On the upside it was better than any other option, the sheets were fresh and she gave us a mosquito coil and a bucket of water for the morning! $6 seemed a lot for what she was offering, but i was too tired to argue and as i say, it was by far our best option.

After a surprisingly good nights sleep we awoke to the sound of water lapping underneath our building and agreed that it had all worked out pretty well and would be something that we would look back at and laugh about in the future. Bags packed and a bucket shower to freshen up and we were on our way to Boracay.

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We didnt like the look of our shi…
We didn't like the look of our sh…
Julia leaving our 5 star digs
Julia leaving our 5 star digs
photo by: zekepaulino