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Dodge and I at a bar in Bangkok

People i met here who contributed to, and improved my trip: Julia (Russia), Dodge (Thailand)

Back in Bangkok, the only thing I could think of was getting some western food, so we headed straight to McDonalds for a double Big Mac menu. Whilst it isn't the greatest food in the world, at least you always know what you are going to get!

As we didn't have much to do in Bangkok, we decided to ring Travbuddy Dodge the following day and arranged a meet up for that evening. It was great to talk to a local, and we enjoyed sharing stories of taxi scams and perceptions of other Asian countries. It's always nice to get an insiders view point, in my opinion. It was a really enjoyable evening, so we agreed that we would do it again in the near future.

Military Defence building

The following day we took a boat down the river to the post office, and marvelled at the difference between rich and poor. Marvelled is really the wrong word... Swanky buildings and wooden shacks appeared side by side, with fancy cars outside one and tatty clothes hung up to dry outside the other.

The main reason for heading to this part of the city was to visit the hospital and have tests on my stomach, which I have had problems with for ages now. The results all came back negative, which was obviously a relief on one hand, but a let down on the other, as there's still no diagnosis of what's causing me so much discomfort.

More frustrating news came from the Korean embassy, as they told Julia that she wouldn't be able to get a visa :(

In the evening we met up with Steve, an Aussie mate of mine who I had travelled in Brazil with, back in 2004.
3 elephants outside the Grand Palace
We went for a few beers down Rambuttri and then Khao San Road and all seemed to be going well, until we asked for the bill. At this point, Julia went to the toilet and left her bag with Steve and I. The waitress then caused a distraction and whilst our attention was diverted, someone swiped Julia's bag. Usually there would be little in it, but low and behold, tonight she had taken her passport out in it. At first, the staff feigned some interest and then told us this kind of thing happened all the time and they couldn't/wouldn't help us. Therefore we went to the police station, but got exactly the same response from them. They didn't even want to write a police report, but we insisted that they did.

In all honesty, I thought it was going to be a minor headache, as I'd had my slightly damaged passport replaced earlier in the trip, within a day.
Walking down Soi Rambuttri - wheres the canoe?
Therefore, we decided to try and forget about it and deal with it the following day. The rest of the evening was decent enough, with the exception of some really rude German guy who kept interrupting our conversation, until he eventually took the hint... Thailand really does attract some weird people.

The next day Julia called the Russian embassy and was told it would cost $80 to get a new passport, which seemed reasonable enough. However, after Julia called her mum, who works for the government, she got the bad news that Russia didn't issue passports to overseas travellers, and instead she would only get a piece of paper that entitled her to fly home to Russia! This was a total kick in the teeth, and left us utterly bemused as to what our next move would be.

Age old tradition meant that when in doubt.
Julia, Dodge, Steve and I enjoying a few beers
.. head to the pub. Steve and Dodge joined us and once again the sun was coming up by the time we called it a night. The only reason that we had to stop, was that Steve was catching a flight to Myanmar, otherwise we might still have been there now!

The next few days were low key affairs, although we did go back to the bar where the bag was stolen from and put up a reward sign. Now, the manager claimed she had seen the theft - so why didn't she do or say anything!? Ironically, they even have a security guard there, who also conveniently couldn't be arsed to stop the thief that night. Clearly it was an inside job. So be warned, Khao San Road is not a safe place to have valuables!

On Sunday, Dodge took us out for some traditional pad thai and then we went to Silom, which was full of sleazy old western men with young Thai boys.
Steve and I having enjoyed several beers!
Each to their own I suppose, but that scene isn't really what I want to see.

Julia went to the Russian embassy on Monday, and heard plenty of horror stories from other Russians who had had their passports stolen. It made us realise that there were people in worse situations than us! It still baffles me though, why an embassy can't help one of its own citizens in a foreign country, if they have passport problems. Surely this is what they are there for? Anyway, this 8 days in Bangkok had certainly been entertaining if nothing else!

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Dodge and I at a bar in Bangkok
Dodge and I at a bar in Bangkok
Military Defence building
Military Defence building
3 elephants outside the Grand Pala…
3 elephants outside the Grand Pal…
Walking down Soi Rambuttri - where…
Walking down Soi Rambuttri - wher…
Julia, Dodge, Steve and I enjoying…
Julia, Dodge, Steve and I enjoyin…
Steve and I having enjoyed several…
Steve and I having enjoyed severa…
3 elephants outside the Grand Pala…
3 elephants outside the Grand Pal…
Soi Rambuttri after a spot of rain
Soi Rambuttri after a spot of rain
Steve and I around 4am
Steve and I around 4am
The first time ive ever seen a dou…
The first time ive ever seen a do…
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